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Carl Frauenstein

CEO and Founder of GateCrash

ZA → GE → MO → EE

"It is what it is, what it can become is driven by what I want it to be..."
"Know what I do, know why I do it, and be sure it is what I want."
Sounds simple .. the trick is working out what I want at the most fundamental level. The journey continues in achieving what I can, given my make up and the extent to which I can mold it. How malleable am I ? How malleable do I want to be?
"Easy words, hard to define, harder to implement. It’s the essence of life."
"My “answers” are only an understanding which leads me to my next question."
In all I do I seek to learn about myself, about my world. As I gain insight, that insight in itself alters how I see things which then leads me to my next contemplation, based on a different understanding.
I try to be deliberate without shying away from chance. I view most things as neutral with the potential of being constructive or destructive and that the outcome can be managed through my decisions and actions to align as close as possible with what I want.
Through this process and approach I have achieved an overarching contentment and inner peace. I enjoy this not because I have the answers, not because life has become easy, not because I feel I have “arrived”, but because it provides me with a sense of certainty that to the extent possible, I think I can trust myself and in cases where I can’t, I bookmark them so when they come around again, I am ready!
The overarching contentment and inner peace however does not mean that I don’t get stressed or unhappy, or at times annoyed, even angry or in other circumstances unrealistically enthusiastic and euphoric. No, these I still experience, often in doses greater than are constructive. However, when I fail myself, I take note, learn and try again. It’s what I do.

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