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Diana Stankevica


Each personality is unique and we all are given our own ‘toolbox’ – set of personality features and traits to operate with. Everyone is talented and excellent at something – it’s just about finding the right place to be. The first step to start in changing anything about yourself, would be getting to know the real you – with all the strengths and weaknesses, comfort zones and situations you hate dealing with. Realizing what we really are, allows to get to the very important (and often no that pleasing) point of self-acceptance, making us to take away certain illusions and assumptions about our personality.

By truly accepting ourselves we gain an opportunity to transform – to make our strengths even stronger and to work on the features we want to change – by turning disadvantages into advantages. Self-awareness and acceptance gives a new perspective to the same old situations of our life, helps understanding what we truly want to do and what needs to be accomplished to get there. Unlikely we can become someone we are not, but we can find out who we really are and see what we need to improve in.

Wise people say all the answers are found within ourselves – might be sometimes it’s just easier to see them when we discuss matters with someone from the ‘outside’.  And mentorship would be that secure space – where we can be open and honest about things, where we want to exchange personal views and experiences and be challenged but not judged, encouraged but not instructed. Mentorship as a continuous process of self-development can be successful if the relations are built on mutual trust and engagement and there is a commitment and true interest from both sides. And it may become a life transforming experience if you let it.

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