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Dmitri Sarle

CEO and Founder of Arctic Startup

Russia → Estonia → Finland

Mentorship through action. Mentorship for me is not just about sharing knowledge. It is about the shift of perception and helping others to find the right answers for themselves.

Compare this to the game of Chess (which I enjoy). If you only play the moves that Artificial Intelligence Engine tells you to play, it is nowhere near as rewarding as being guided into understanding of why those are the best moves on your own.


So, instead of simply talking and giving advice, I want you to take action right away, on the spot. Need an intro? Let's open up my laptop and send it. Got a problem with an employee? Let's call him/her together and talk. Interested in new HR practices? Let's set up a new hiring form. Where lies action, lies feedback and through feedback - we can find solutions and meaning. So, stop reading descriptions, and take action.

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