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Ingmar Elm

Facilitator of change


I am working with organisations to improve their culture of cooperation by offsite training events. We cover both traditional and remote teams. The training method we is based on learning by doing and video feedback. Our company Team Building Agency MAD was created 2002 and we have done more than 1800 trainings for 400+ companies.


I have been in involved in business management since 1994. By year 2000 after the burst of .com bubble I lost my IT company and had a spiritual experience that led me to re-evaluate my values and life goals. This led me to ask different questions about what I want and eventually directed me to the people I am working with today.


I guess the main motivation for doing any work without getting worn out is created by being good at it. The moments that mostly remind myself how much I love my job are when a group of sceptical individualists discover that something special has happened and they feel the effect of trust and cooperation fulfilling the core need of belonging.


In the future I hope to continue to do what I am doing, but being more focused on culture building and leading organisational change, in essence helping to avoid problems instead of solving them. The greater vision is to help society to bridge the gap between "work life" and "real life”.

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