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Marcel Gasser

Cofounder of h·spaces


How to - from human being to being human.

What is the meaning of life? What is the core essence or driver behind all our activities? For me it certainly changed after I discovered a tumor in my head – behind my 3rd eye – around 4 years ago. Neglecting the traditional medicine “or path of suffering” how I call it, as I realized after just two days, was nothing for me. My healing and spiritual journey brought me everywhere within the last four years. Along my way I’ve met obvious with no co-incident many special beings, for example healers in Tibet or shamans in Greenland.


I used to be an entrepreneur, founded over 6 companies myself, felt being successful, while I was outer world driven. And still I see myself in that entrepreneurial environment, today more as a source of inspiration for the millennials or young entrepreneurs and start up I deal with. Being gifted and discover my true being, inner connection and motivation – my passion, I’m now able to motivate others in a very rational understandable way to go on their own journeys. So what is life about? It is humans biggest gift and is all about experience. There is nothing like good or bad, that’s our perception or labels, as we use too often in today’s society. Once you understand that there is nothing without meaning or gain in your life – even if it is “painful” then you discover the beautiful depth of life and yourself.

How to include the spirit faith in our “business” life? Well for me I discovered a simple 3 dimensional pyramid how to balance, selfheal and relax your complete being in a more and more stressed, digital and complex environment. Also this is just labelled by our mind, as I found out life is actually simple and easy. Currently focussing all my projects on the field of transforming human beings – mind driven and unaware towards: being human – heart driven, aware and connected. The same words, just in different order, remove a lot of stiffness and nonsense. The word “being human” feels even more soft and relaxed, if you speak both out loud. Within that process I also went from outer world driven or “somebody” towards true nature and inner connection or being a “nobody”. I’m today very proud being a nobody in positive and spiritual meaning. Our activities as business angles, investors, coach’s or entrepreneurs shall be easy, effortless, elegant and enjoyable. 

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