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Mark Ashton

Founder and Principal at Resolve Gets Results


In a business career spanning 35 years I have discovered how little I know, how little I can achieve by myself, how often and how catastrophically I can fail, how desperately rare and hard won true success is, and how the right people matter more to me than anything else in life. In short, I have been broken and humbled.  

But I am more excited about the future than ever before, and happier in my own skin than I have ever been.  My mission is to help others to be the best they can possibly become - this is pure joy.

Who I am is encapsulated in the values I have adopted for my business, Resolve Gets Results:

1) Service: Putting greater purposes and deserving others ahead of self and tribalism
2) Commitment: Striving to improve and to create value in every situation
3) Courage: Opposing cynicism, deceit, hubris, hypocrisy, ignorance, insincerity, mediocrity and nihilism
4) Enjoyment: Enjoying life - we only get one shot at it, so don't leave anything on the table
5) Honour: Always aiming to do the right thing with character, humility and integrity.

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