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Rein Lemberpuu

CEO and Founder of .Contriber


My approach is to use daily interactions for discovering new aspects of myself and for living the new knowledge I have gained. Anything I do not use, I will loose. My starting point is perhaps not suitable for those who are having their first experiences on the path of self-discovery but perhaps for those who have been on it for some time and have reached a point where they feel a change of approach is needed.


I go to extreme with taking the responsibility for one's life and with transmuting our shortcomings, self-importance and self-pity into powerful allies. For me the true knowledge is acquired through personal experiences in life and personal power is cultivated by impeccable execution of all daily matters. I stand for personal power and freedom from social conditioning. I represent not only passive acceptance of what is but also active participation in life to fight for what I believe in.

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