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What is .Cocoonity?

It is a community of people who are interested in self-hacking in the context of our daily lives. How to have a normal life that is in line with the inner principles - True Living.

Who is .Cocoonity for?⁠

There are many possibilities to discover who we are, where we should be going, why we exist. This community is for people who want to explore the mystery by being more balanced and grow through the challenges in their lives.

What is taking place in .Cocoonity?⁠

There are 4 main pillars that altogether make up all the activities:

1) Hubs - want to work together with like-minded and like-hearted people? We have two hubs for you to choose from: sTARTUp Hub and SPARK Hub.

2) Masterclass - interested mainly in learning from experienced trainers in the form of courses? We organize at least two 3-4 day interactive courses and workshops per year.

3) Mentoring Group - prefer to discover new knowledge and share experience in dedicated groups? You can choose from a different type of groups focusing either on tackling a practical challenge or learning together with new ways of experiencing your daily life. 

4) .Cocoon - have a business that you want to grow by learning about yourself? Full-year program for entrepreneurs who are interested in growing their business by learning how they operate in the midst of their challenges.

Where can I get more information about .Cocoonity?⁠

We are in the process of launching .Cocoonity in its fullness but if you are interested then we can keep you up to date when you join our newsletter or reach out to

Thank you!

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