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The Contriber team is always proud of all the effort and imagination we put into developing our software. Our work to create a more human, online collaboration software solution with a visual approach to organizing tasks and projects is not merely a job for us, it’s a mission.

Expert’s Choice Award

Today, we got a new reason to be proud of our work—Contriber was announced the winner of the Expert’s Choice Award for 2016 from FinancesOnline, a popular business software review platform.


In the review of the Contriber application, a panel of B2B and SaaS professionals presented a detailed analysis of their experience with our software and its features.

The experts from FinancesOnline were especially impressed with the ability to customize your workspace in Contriber by combining related flows into groups which can then be positioned anywhere in your workspace. They also highlighted how easy it is to communicate within a project because of the very structured and visual overview that Contriber offers.


Great User Experience Award

Our software was also the winner of the Great User Experience Award for collaboration software gathered in the FinancesOnline database of reviews.


The FinancesOnline team really appreciated how easy and straightforward it is for team members to give their thoughts on any crucial problem or issue within the project. They truly appreciated the efforts our team puts into making Contriber so intuitive and easy to use.


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