Entrepreneur Coach and Leveling Up: How a Skillful Coach Can Help You Achieve Your Dreams

Entrepreneur coach Greg Faxon is a guest on episode 13 of Unlock People's Potential podcast.

Having trouble taking your business to its next level of success?

Perhaps you’re not even sure what the ‘next level’ actually is?

Many of us (perhaps even yourself) tend to rely solely on ourselves to figure out how to improve our businesses.

But many people do not take into consideration that everything in our lives (including our business) is a product of the way we think.

As such, taking your business to the next level is more about understanding how you think and then taking that  to the next level. 

This requires tackling the assumptions and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and clouding your vision.

It can be difficult (and time-consuming) seeing and acknowledging these mental roadblocks — working together with a business or entrepreneur coach can often be a lot quicker and much more effective.

Entrepreneur coach Greg Faxon's thoughts about coaching.

More About This Episode

In this episode of Unlock People’s Potential, Guerric de Ternay interviews Greg Faxon, a business coach for entrepreneurs. Greg works with entrepreneurs who’ve built successful businesses and are looking to make an even bigger impact.

As Greg points out, sometimes as business founders, you arrive at a point “when you start to plateau or you feel like you’re playing small — that there’s a way bigger game you should be playing”. 

This can happen in any field of endeavor, not just business. In fact, as a top performing wrestler throughout his high-school years (eventually receiving the honor of All-American), Greg said he sought out top coaches in wrestling so that he could continually improve at the sport.

It’s a reminder that many of us (when we were younger) had coaches or teachers to help us get better at a sport, play an instrument, or whatever it was we liked to do. So why then do so many of us try to get better at business without the support and guidance of an entrepreneur coach? 

And in this interview, Greg discusses what an entrepreneur coach can do for you and answers questions such as:

  • What actually stops us from doing what we want?
  • How can you overcome and go beyond the interference which is keeping you stuck?
  • Should everyone strive to be an entrepreneur and open their own business or start a company?
  • What are the main mistakes high-achieving entrepreneurs make when it comes to their personal lives and fulfillment?
  • What are the benefits of coaching and why should someone have an entrepreneur coach?
  • And much more!

  If you only have 5 minutes, I highly recommend listening to Greg’s outlook on the main mistakes high-achieving entrepreneurs make regarding their personal lives and fulfillment.

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More About Greg Faxon

Greg Faxon is a business coach for entrepreneurs who want to unleash their full potential. Exploring the intersection of entrepreneurship and personal development, he helps his clients expand their reach and increase their revenue, as well as provide them with valuable insight on how they can grow their businesses.

Greg is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only organization comprised of leading executive business coaches and career coaches. In his own words, Greg says:

“I’m in the business of transformation, and so I’m always looking to see what actually transforms people. Information doesn’t transform people — people transform people, events and situations transform people.”  — Greg Faxon

As mentioned, Greg has a background in athletics — once an All-American wrestler, he’s now a regular competitor in the Spartan Race. Greg is regularly spotlighted on Forbes.com and has been featured in Business Insider and Fizzle. He has also spoken at universities and conferences such as Occidental College and Camp GLP.

Greg is the author of the book, Don’t Let The Fear Win, which will be released September 8, 2016 (you can a get a chapter of the upcoming book at GregFaxon.com for free). There you can also read the testimonials of people he has worked with. 

What Actually Stops You From Doing What You Want?

According to Greg, it depends on the person — but for most people, he generally believes it boils down to some sort of interference. He believes that your Performance (getting results, getting to where you want to be in life) is equal to your Potential minus your Interference.

Entrepreneur coach Greg Faxon says interference gets in the way of performance

Greg says the equation is adapted from Tim Galloway’s work, a pioneer in the field of sports psychology and author of the classic book, The Inner Game of Tennis.

Greg believes that everyone has an unlimited amount of potential  to tap into.

He also believes that most people’s interference  isn’t tactical (in other words, it’s not about not knowing how to do something or having a lack of information) but rather an inner game issue.

“It’s usually about themselves, about people getting in their own way — it’s usually an inner game  issue, not an outer game”  — Greg Faxon

According to Greg, an inner game issue is some sort of limiting belief or mindset or idea — often it’s a fear of success or a fear of failure — it’s about thinking that you do not have what it takes, or that you’re not willing to step out into your next level of development or growth”.

Regarding entrepreneurs, stepping into the next level of growth may mean simply starting the business itself or perhaps growing the business to a level it has never been before. 

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