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2019 Mentoring Event May 13-14

Founders Day 13th of May

  9.45 Meeting 

11.15 1st session
14.00 Lunch

14.45 2nd session
17.00 Wrap-up

18.45 Dinner

.Cocoon Day 14th of May

  9.00 Intro

10.20 1st session

13.10 Lunch

13.50 2nd session

18.00 Closing

Each Mentoring Event has a specific focus on a topic relevant to the problems startup founders face in their everyday job. But to keep the participants' minds open, we do not reveal the topic before the event. 


Participants took a train to the woods where Contriber had put together a route with many different challenges the teams needed to solve. The tasks were challenging and that put enough stress on the participants to bring out their team player skills and of course a lot of fun!

On the second day, mentors and participants analysed previous day's behaviours and respective situations. Working with these observations and putting them into the context of their daily challenges in the company gave new perspectives to address their leadership approach and bring about the changes when necessary.

Sessions were conducted in small groups and mentors were of support to bring to the surface behavioural patterns, habits and attitudes they use in their everyday life – both in personal and business relationships.

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