Two Tech Hubs with Vibrant Community in the Heart of Tartu

Housing more than 45 happy startups and tech companies, hosting events, providing access to vibrant community, coworking space, meeting rooms, office space, event rooms, and more.


Why join our hub in Tartu?


  • Tight community of sTARTUp-minded people
  • Affordable prices
  • Regular sTARTUp events
  • Everything you need is in the walking distance
  • Work together with our partner organisations (accelerators, University of Tartu etc.)
  • City full of fresh talent and bright ideas


Narva mnt 3, Tartu 51009
+372 5669 8471 (Kadri)
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Raekoja plats 16, Tartu 51004
+372 5669 8471 (Kadri)
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