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Mentoring Event 27.-28. September 2019

Founders Day 27. September

  9.00 Intro 

  9.30 1st session
14.00 Lunch

15.00 2nd session
19.00 Dinner

.Cocoon Day 28. September

  9.00 Intro

  9.30 1st session

13.00 Lunch

14.00 2nd session

18.00 Closing

Each Mentoring Event has a specific focus on a topic relevant to the problems startup founders face in their everyday job. But to keep the participants' minds open, we will not reveal the topic before the event. 


The event consists of action games, group sessions, sharing knowledge and feedback!

The first day - Founders Day - focuses on action-based learning. It consists of fun activities mixed with a lot of stress. The next day - .Cocoon Days - is for analyzing with mentors the behavioural patterns that came up during previous days.

Application process for the 1-year .Cocoon program is the following:

  1. Fill in the application.

  2. We give 8-12 new startup founders the possibility to join the next Mentoring Event for a fee of 600€ (+VAT if applicable). If you bring your co-founders, then discounts apply. The event is part of the full program and therefore you will be joining the founders already in the program.

  3. The event is a double-sided matchmaking that enables us to see if this is a fit for you and for you to see if it resonates with you. Only 3-5 startup founders from each batch will get an offer to join the 1-year program. We consider your business potential and also if there is a main mentor match for you.

  4. Financial agreement for the 1-year program will be discussed with you personally. Depending on the stage of your company, we can use the following pricing models:

    1. Advisory share 

    2. Revenue share 

    3. Fundraising share 

    4. Custom

  5. After signing the contract your De-Acceleration Program starts! 


The application deadline is 1st of September!

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