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About being a woman

Updated: Jun 25

She comes, it doesn't matter where or when, she sees. Her eyes are everywhere, noticing everything, every small detail. She feels, senses the moment, the situation, and everyone's mood.

A woman is patient (forbearing), she has time. She observes, listens, feels. She comes, she is both fire and ice, at the same time so charming, elegant, or a real witch. She has everything, both natural beauty and countless masks to maintain her mystery. The attractiveness of a woman lies in her mystery.

In the mornings, with or without the sun, a woman always has a mood. It can't be planned, it just is. It is best if there is time to adapt to this mood. And that's how it is already as a little girl, it takes time to adapt to yourself. Becoming a woman takes time.

When I think back, when I became a woman responsible for myself, I took into account only myself. The more time went on, the more I took responsibility for myself and others, my children and my husband. As mothers, women tend to be more controlling. As I said, eyes are everywhere, and so are hands. A multifunctional man-woman who takes the reins into her hands and keeps arranging to keep the image beautiful. There is a task for everyone, to be like this and to do like that, then everything is just like perfect. But that's not what she is. As mothers we control, first, our children and then our husband, colleagues, and as many situations as possible around us, but the Universe cannot be controlled. This is where the pain comes from, the sweet pain through life experience.

A woman is born to take care. Take care of everything, but notice, is this care real, or are you supporting in weaknesses? Doing things for someone else? Once we had an event and in my natural willingness to help, I led the guests to their room and gave instructions on how the house works. At the same time, I took the experience of the colleague responsible for the reception. I thought I was doing a good deed and since I knew the house well, I would help, but unfortunately, the result was the opposite. I didn't give the other person a chance to experience and I took over his responsibility.

A woman can do anything, be more than just a woman, even a man. Sometimes she can do it even better than a man.

But really, how to be a real woman?

You know that feeling when a man comes up with a new idea and you immediately reject it because you have a feeling. This feeling can be so strong that you thoughtlessly throw it on the table and the man recoils because his idea was drowned. And this is where both cooperation and conflict can begin.

Life is a feeling and thinking only helps to discriminate whether it is life-supporting or not, to take a direction. And we always make the choice according to the feeling, whether it is a partner, a new home or a desired job. We all know it - we are guided by feeling. A woman's natural talent is to listen to her gut, intuition, or whatever you want to call it. And it comes from the unknown, not from mind or experience. With the mind, we begin to rationalize.

I am a real dreamer, and today I can conclude that what I have dreamed of has come true. The same feeling contributes to dreaming. I feel it out. When I dream about something, that dream creates the feeling. And so it is born. Be careful where you direct your attention.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Be patient. Listen to your feeling. Be patient and share your feeling carefully, only when asked. Listen to your feeling and make decisions based on that.

The woman is unknown and therefore a mystery to herself too. And mysteries are exciting.

With care,



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