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How Cocoon supports founders personal and business growth - interview with CEO Ansis Lipenitis

In this video, Anu Martinson and Ansis Farhad Lipenitis talk about how personal and business growth are related and discuss growth practices for founders. Ansis also talked about .Cocoon and his personal journey and experiences.

Essays by Ansis:

How to build great cofounders' relationships starting from yourself

Finding your purpose as an entrepreneur


Ansis is the CEO of .Cocoon that supports founders' self-discovery for personal and business growth through mentoring and investing.

When there is a challenge at the business level – we support our clients

1. To find the link between the business challenge and their personalities and personal challenges;

2. And to bring forth personal changes that, as a result, create changes in the business.

If you are a founder or a business leader - let's talk!

.Cocoon is part of .Contriber One - a group of companies that supports self-discovery for businesses, individuals and children.

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