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.Medoonity offers over 100 workshops to children aged 9-14

.Medoonity is a new type of hobby school for children aged 9-14 in Tartu, where they can learn new skills in different fields in a playful and versatile way. The game has more than a hundred workshops (or as we call them - labs) in different areas - inventing and engineering, media and art, robotics and programming, electronics and communication studies.

To add motivation and excitement the actions are based on the principles of a strategic board game - children are players and make moves on the .Medoonity board to participate in labs, form teams, sell products, etc. There is also play-money in the game, you can collect points and move to the next levels.

The aim of the game is to support children in learning new skills, becoming aware of themselves and the people around them, and practicing teamwork. Children learn to formulate their dreams and set their own goals by learning decision-making and responsibility, time planning and self-expression, have the freedom to make mistakes and start again. The hobby school also raises awareness of money and entrepreneurship and creates preconditions for later successful adult-life.

"My mission in .Medoonity is to bring the children out from the addictive virtual world to the real world, inspiring them to discover the Earth and its many possibilities. Also to motivate them to dream, to cultivate patience and willpower - a physical house cannot be built in ten clicks, it also requires manual skills. We want the children to be interested in the real world,” commented Rein Lemberpuu, entrepreneur and the founder of the hobby school.

.Medoonity labs take place at Narva Maantee 3 or through Zoom at different times. On average, there are seven different labs a week, from which children can choose.

More information about the hobby school and joining on .Medoonity website.

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