TechChill Part II – The Pressure Effects

Updated: Apr 5

Rein Lemberpuu, the CEO of .Contriber gave a talk at startup festival TechChill 2020. Witnessing first hand a concerning ratio of 6 burnouts to 31 investments, Rein explains the pressure cooker effect and its many spheres of influence. This is the 2nd part of the talk.

Remember the crazy startup guy jumping off the cliff, hoping to build up a plane while landing? He had many challenges at the same time. This is not necessarily a bad thing but a good thing in some sense. This is a constructive pressure which is also called eustress. It brings out the resources you didn't know you have but if it becomes too much then you will feel overwhelmed.

You were sprinting, and if you were crazy enough, this sprint ended with jumping over the cliff. Even if it didn't, then burnout is something we feel when we understand that what we thought is a sprint, turned out to be a marathon. We burn the resources, mostly these which are the underwater resources and we're bust. What was constructive pressure has become a destructive pressure, distress.

In .Contriber’s portfolio, we have already faced six burnouts and I could even say five are on the edge. That means every third one is facing similar challenges. You don't lose only time, you also damage the relationships. You might even lose your co-founders, team, investor relationships, and also trust.

Just to have a positive side of this thing – this could also be very beneficial in terms of your side of the story. It's not good for the business, but it can be good for your personal growth. That’s the time when we can modify these underwater parts and have upgrades that were not possible otherwise.

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This was the 2nd part of the TechChill 2020 talk “31 Investments, 6 Burnouts: The Pressure Cooker Effect” by Rein Lemberpuu. Read the 1st part from here. Listen to the full talk from here:

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