TechChill Part III – Solving a Challenge

Updated: Apr 5

Rein Lemberpuu, the CEO of .Contriber gave a talk at startup festival TechChill 2020. Witnessing first hand a concerning ratio of 6 burnouts to 31 investments, Rein explains the pressure cooker effect and its many spheres of influence. This is the 3rd part of the talk.

When we talk about mental health it means that we are talking about this part when things are already out of hand. I'm not a big fan of the mental health topic, but I’m a big fan of using the unfair advantage of working with the challenges on a personal level. Understanding how by changing some components of your perception you can achieve different results.

But why is it so difficult to solve a challenge? We all have a different kind of laziness and we have to optimize the resources. My lesson of understanding hard and easy ways was when I was building and scaling Playtech. In one year, we hired 76 people in Tartu, which is a small city in Estonia. It was a crazy scaling period, but that was not enough. Next year we had to decide where to build our next R&D unit outside of Estonia.

Bulgaria was chosen. I took five of the best specialists from my team and we flew over to Sofia. We interviewed a company we wanted to acquire for their human talent. It took us one week to interview everyone and adjust the strategy of what kind of R&D center we can build there.

After the week we had a dinner organized by the host. We were waiting for the food, all the hard work had been done and then I got a call from our co-founder, Teddy. He said: “We have a challenge. The seller side has changed the price tag. Now, just take the team, stand up, and walk away from the restaurant and don't even explain anything.” I thought he is crazy. I'm sure there's a way we can negotiate and then he said: “Hard way is in the end, the easy way.”

If the trust is already broken, the further you go along, the more resources and time you will spend, and it becomes more difficult and costly in the end.

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This was the 3rd part of the TechChill 2020 talk “31 Investments, 6 Burnouts: The Pressure Cooker Effect” by Rein Lemberpuu. Read the 1st part from here and 2nd part from here. Listen to the full talk from here.

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