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Kadri Tõnnisson


My dream is to dare to be fully myself without letting my fixed beliefs and the opinions of others limit me. And I want to be an example to others that it is really possible.

I have repressed my true emotions in order to fit into society and have only expressed joy and enthusiasm for years. Therefore, many people know me as one of the most positive and kind person. But living like this, I couldn't really feel fulfillment and something was still missing. When I admitted to myself that I really am deeper and that there is more inside me, I began to rediscover it, and it is an exciting journey.

Today, I am a mother to two girls in their early teens, a wife to my husband, a founder-florist in my small flower studio, a project manager in a startup developing artificial intelligence for cancer diagnostics, and a mentor at the .Contriber School. In addition, I am a passionate baker, love handicrafts, and feel drawn toward nature.

I feel that my mission in this life is to support the people around me by helping them realize their dreams whether it's creating flower arrangements for a wedding, putting the finishing touches on that special occasion, writing a report for a research grant funder, or helping to break down fears and limiting thought patterns.

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