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Our Story

It is difficult to say whether we are foremost angel investors, event initiators, community builders, thought leaders or just a bit crazy people. Or maybe not just a bit. Who is this We? Our journey started many decades ago when I met Rain Kivisik who hired me as a developer. Later this venture turned into unicorn named Playtech. 


We have both been off the technology scene for many years venturing many different paths until life brought us back together. Since 2014 we have asked ourselves many challenging questions and for most of them there is no ready-made answer - you need to create those yourself. One of those tough questions is very simple - what is missing? It is a very peculiar feeling most of us have that whatever you have in your life, there always seems something missing. And then we go for the next adventure, next business, next vision, next ...


This feeling has led us to search for the meaning that fuels our business. It is clear that we are not missing anything material. Life is a feeling, an Experience. It is the New experience that drives us. How to experience life anew again and again? When I change, the world changes. That is a source of unlimited new perceptions. Entrepreneurship is a good way to grow as a person and hence - Entrepreneurship As Self Development.

Rein Lemberpuu
vision holder


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