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Rein Lemberpuu

CEO and Founder of .Contriber

I see true knowledge as a personal experience and personal power as result of impeccable execution in all daily matters. I stand for personal power and freedom from social conditioning. I represent not only passive acceptance of what is but also active participation in life to fight for what I believe in.

What do you do today?

I am the founder and vision holder for .Contriber group dedicated to practical education in the field of fulfilling the dreams of one's Dreamer aka Soul.

All our group's initiatives are about mentoring people in different domains of their life: entrepreneurship and work life, relationships and parenthood. We are creating and nurturing relationships with people who would like to connect to their Dreamers dream and to support others in fulfilling their dreams. To live the Dream one needs to know his heart and take its lead.

I support people to discover themselves and their hearts.

How did you get there?

In high school I was lost in romantic relationships and in the world of computers. This seemingly contradicting interest both in technology and in human relationships created for me the path for my career in Playtech - one of the first unicorns from Estonia. I started off as a developer and grew into CEO of the Estonian division ramping up the organization to go for IPO in London in less than 6 years from inception.

A year later I had everything that describes a success: career, home, marriage and my first child was born. Yet I found myself in crises. My career came to an end as there were no further growth opportunities for me. My marriage came to a crisis and ended in the divorce a few years later. Since 2007 brought crises to the world economy then all my investments took serious losses everywhere. My world was upside down.

While still married and battling in the middle of the crises one day my wife took me to meet one person who operated outside the normal understanding of our world. This opened up a series of meetings with different kinds of remarkable beings accompanied by literature of which I had no idea existed before. I immediately knew that there is more to life than meets the eye.

Out of these experiences I found one path that stood out for me and resonated as if I had arrived home. This is called the Path of Knowledge aka Warriors Path as shared by Theun Mares. His guidance became the beacon light for me and led me to his apprentice Elizabeth Schnugh with whom I have travelled many years of joint journey. This changed my life completely and foremost all the relationships that I had.

From there on I started to look for ways in which to build a business that could become the medium of passing on the source of knowledge and my experience of how to hunt and live that knowledge. This led to partnering again with Rain in 2014, the co-founder of Playtech, who had undergone similar transformation meanwhile to co-found a company now called .Contriber.

Why are you doing what you are doing?

I sense an inner drive to learn about the unknown in myself and in the world around me. I am inspired by meeting other people with similar curiosity about Life, and its mysteries. It makes my heart sing to share experiences in the field of self-discovery and to utilize my skills and talents in order to play my part in this magnificent play of life - to dream true to One Purpose. Working on evolving .Contriber gives me the possibility to experience my life in full colours. It gives me an opportunity to create my part in the bigger story.

Where are you going? What is your vision?

I envision a group of people dedicated to supporting each other in fulfilling their dreams and supporting others to light their candles. A different kind of community where .contributors do not separate themselves into a closed circle to fulfil their common Dream but vice versa - it is an open network of people who each other have their own unique Dream and they include themselves into any communities that they resonate with knowing that there is a special link between each other.

This link is being intimately connected to their own Dreamer and dreaming true to One Purpose manifesting it in the multitude of unique and special ways into practical Life. This is True Living and appreciation for the Gift of Life.

This small group of travellers on the Path of Knowledge is the .Contriber Team who is supporting an inclusive and open community of .contributors - all together called .Contriber One. I fight to increase personal power and freedom for myself and for those around me. This is my Path with a Heart and my Commitment.

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