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Journey of Adjustment

A Voyage of Self-discovery aboard the Ship of Life

Théun Mares


The cornerstone of true love is intelligent co-operation.

To love your spouse, your child, your boss, or your parrot to bits, is no guarantee that your spouse will remain devoted to you forever, that your child will not defy your well-meant guidance, that your boss will not suddenly retrench you, or that your parrot will not bite your hand when you try to clean his cage. Most people’s understanding of the word love has nothing at all to do with intelligent co-operation. 

In fact, the word “love”, as well as the bizarre family of feelings that are normally associated with it, is today so widely de-fined, that it has no definition left! Having become de-fined to the nth degree, it is nothing but an unintelligible justification for all manner of vices, prejudices and preconceived ideas which make up the biggest portion of people’s baggage — baggage which is mostly so coarse and so gross in content, that there is nothing fine about it. But what is even worse, is that it is all this de-fined baggage which people hang around the necks of their beloved ones, and woe to him or her who should even contemplate rejecting such an un-fine yoke! A yoke is not love. A yoke is a yoke, no matter how much we try to justify our attempts at enslaving another being.

Quote from the book, chapter "What is True Love?"

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Rein Lemberpuu

Book Translator

Founder of .Contriber

Every journey begins somewhere, and for me, a new approach to the mystery of life started with the ideas presented in this book. They are deceptively simple but incredibly effective in practice. As I've been on this path for over a decade, I'm slowly beginning to understand how deep these principles can take us. Just as nobody questions why people calculate in the decimal system, many life truths may seem self-evident, but in the books written by Théun, we see that nothing in this world is random; our mystical world is carefully designed.


Mariann Vahi

Kompanii Club Founder

Member of .Contriber

When your spouse has an affair, the kids don't listen, a random car rear-ends yours, and life feels like an endless battle, there's no point in pointing fingers and looking for someone to blame. We have a choice - to take on the role of a victim or take a step back to reconsider where life is leading us and what value the situation is offering for our growth. By applying the journey of adjustment in my life, I've found myself laughing at my increasingly rarer victim mentality.

Ranno Käomägi.png

Ranno Käomägi

Remato CEO

When you buy a new car, it comes with a comprehensive user manual to help you understand and get along with your four-wheeled friend. When meeting new people, they don't give you a manual, but if you have the tools from Théun's book "The Journey of Adjustment," your relationships with life partners, colleagues, neighbors, and other bipeds will work wonderfully. I dare to say that the principles of this book have significantly helped me grow into a happier and better person!

How to take responsibility for your life?

What is intelligent cooperation between a man and a woman?

Why do some men remain boys, and women become their mothers?

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In Estonian

33 €

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​In addition to reading a book at your own pace, you can also join a bi-weekly reading group. The group meets online, reads a chapter from the book "Journey of Adjustment", discusses what they read, and brings examples from their own lives. In this way, participants can, for example, ask the group for support in solving their challenges or offer an additional perspective by sharing their own experiences while supporting others.

Participating in a reading group offers several benefits. First, participants can delve into the book's content systematically and consistently. Second, the discussion gives participants the opportunity to gain new perspectives and ideas that they can apply in their daily lives.

The purpose of the reading group is to create a supportive and inspiring environment where people can share their stories and thoughts about the topics covered in the book and learn from each other.

To join the reading circle, fill out this contact form, and let's chat!

About the Author

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Théun Mares' motto: "A teacher who walks in the shadow of the temple among his followers does not give them his wisdom, but rather his faith and love."

Théun Mares was a nagal in the Toltec tradition, possessing extensive knowledge of life, human behavior, and relationships. After completing his university studies, Théun Mares had a successful career in the performing arts, education, and entrepreneurship. Starting in 1992, he dedicated himself to sharing his unique knowledge through teaching, writing books, and conducting courses in the United Kingdom and the United States. He lived in Cape Town, South Africa.


"On my journey of knowledge, I have learned that an open heart and an inclusive attitude towards all of life are the only two requirements for traveling the Path of Freedom."


Théun's books have been translated into Spanish, Greek, Russian, and Bulgarian. In 2022, his first book was published in Estonian.


Théun Mares passed away in September 2011.

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When ordering the book, you can choose between sending it to an Omniva parcel machine or picking it up yourself.


You can pick up the book at .Contriber's office in Tartu, at Kompanii 2 / Raekoja plats 16, on the ground floor, at an agreed-upon time.


Title: The Journey of Adjustment: The Toltec Teachings © Théun Mares 1999, 2001


116 pages

In Estonian

Publication Year: 2022

Publisher: .C Print

Author: Théun Mares

Translator: Rein Lemberpuu

Designer: Peeter Paasmäe

Print: Printon

ISBN 978-9916-4-1358-6

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