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Reading groups

"Any knowledge, including our own, is not inviolable, and therefore, if it is to be proved true, the only way in which this can be done, is to put it to the test."

Théun Mares

What is Reading Group?

A reading group in our terms is a group-work format that provides its members with a safe space for self-discovery, hunting for new knowledge and insights that support personal growth. With the support of a leading mentor, we read books together and explore the theory and concepts of Toltec teachings. We delve into the book's content systematically and consistently. To deepen the understanding and applicability of the concepts we read about, we also look at the gained information through our personal experiences and share practical examples from our daily lives.

Participants can, for example, ask the group for support in solving their challenges or offer an additional perspective by sharing their own experiences while supporting others.​Discussion gives participants the opportunity to gain new perspectives and ideas that they can apply in their daily lives.

The purpose of the reading group is to create a supportive and inspiring environment to develop, grow together, and learn from each other.

Reading groups take place every other week, via Zoom or physically in Tartu city center, depending on the reading group. We have Estonian-speaking and English-speaking groups.

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Annike Tasa

Special educator

.Contriber reading group and the Toltec teachings discussed in it have broadened my perspective on how people function as individuals and as groups. Making sense of what has been read in a supportive group has shaped the understanding of various phenomena in a new way. I admire the mutual respect and diversity of views in the .Contriber groups.


Albert Tamm

Professional disc golf player

For me, the reading group is a pleasant experience where theory and practice meet. Practice in the sense that each group member's personal experience is different, and by sharing them, I gain very interesting new perspectives and ideas on how to approach familiar situations differently and apply learned knowledge. I value the open and warm atmosphere in the reading group the most, which makes sharing my own experience easy, and from there, enjoyable discussions start, with the goal not being to find a "right" or "wrong" answer.

Liisi Lillemäe b&w_edited.jpg

Liisi Lillemäe

.Contriber team member

I enjoy our meetings in the reading groups, our shared discussions, the freedom of judgment, and the warm support. Learning about the Toltec teachings and practicing them brings a lot of clarity and simplicity into my life. I know that I don't understand everything completely, and yet, this process is very enjoyable as certain concepts gradually open up to me according to how far I have come with my insights. It is very interesting to be in support and witness to the growth of others as well.

Reading Groups opened to newcomers

Unwanted Secrets of Power, ENG


bi-weekly on Thursdays

6:00 pm-8:30 pm Estonian time



the group is led by

Rein Lemberpuu

Unwanted Secrets of Power, EST


bi-weekly on Sundays

4:00 pm-6:00 pm Estonian time



the group is led by

Anu Martinson

To join the reading group, fill out this contact form, and let's chat!

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