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The story of how I opened .Contriber School

Rein Lemberpuu

.Contriber Founder

How did I get (back) on the Path of Knowledge

My journey of finding the Path of Knowledge started 14 years ago with a very nice crisis where everything went south - my marriage was in crisis, I had quit a successful career and all my businesses were losing money. So everything became really difficult and this brought me to the search of why I'm here and what's my purpose in this life. After a few years, I found the Path of Knowledge, and this felt very familiar as if I have been walking on this path already before.


From that point on, I have been looking for ways to pass on this material to other people because I do resonate very strongly that this is my purpose in life - to be the one who can introduce and guide people on the Path of Knowledge.

During my business career, I was working together with Rain Kivisik. In 2013 we met again after 5 years and it turned out we both had gone through similar internal crises and changes in our approach to life. Together we started to explore different ways, how to be of support to people. We ended up creating software called .Contriber.


This went completely bust. We burned almost a million and ended up with nothing - no software that could be used and there was nothing to do with passing on the teachings. Failure is part of the journey but because of that, we also ended up in a startup world.


We started investing and working very closely with the founders. I soon realized that whatever kind of advice we were trying to impart from our own experience as entrepreneurs to the founders, the real challenge wasn't that they didn't have the business knowledge or that the business knowledge isn’t available for them, but rather that they could not implement it.


And this is something that always fascinates me: why there's perfectly good advice in terms of business, but founders are still not able to put it into practice. From there, we created a mentoring program .Cocoon to support entrepreneurs by using self-development to understand why the business is not growing and how this relates to them personally.

In parallel, I had a secret book reading club meeting in my basement and it became quite popular. There was no advertisement - only the people who came brought their friends and so on. Soon we had to split this group into two because it was starting to get too big. We were reading Théun Mares and discussing the concepts from his books.

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I was also searching for all the other people walking on the Path of Knowledge on the planet, and I found a group of people that was led by one of the apprentices of Théun Mares - Elizabeth Schnugh. She is running the Institute for the Study of Man, doing different courses and Masterclasses, and I took part in all of those.

I met more than 50 people also on the Path of Knowledge over 10 years until, at some point, I said that I really wanted to do those courses also in Estonia. I think it was in 2017 that we put together the first course in Estonia, and since then, we have done it two or three times each year.


In recent years I have been doing those courses together with Elizabeth, but we made an agreement that from the year 2022 I will be doing most of them by myself using the same concepts and methods.


I've introduced this way of self-discovery to more than 300 people. It's super practical, meaning that you can implement something you learn today already tomorrow in your life and see the results, which makes it kind of an easy path. But on the other hand, it is so deep. There are so many angles, and it goes from the rational mind to the feeling and irrational side. So it becomes unbelievably difficult.


This is why reading a book by yourself is a good introduction to the topic but it is not enough to go deeper. You just can’t choose one tool and after a while next, you have to be able to use them all at the same time in order to have the impact the tools are designed to give you. It needs a much more coherent and systematic approach. A school format seems to be pretty good for that.

I've been dreaming about creating such a school but nevertheless, I have not been courageous enough before to say that I'm doing an esoteric school from a social-image perspective. Also for a long time, I felt from the perspective of the teaching that I was not capable enough to create such a school.


There are many other people walking the Path of Knowledge on the planet but I don’t see anyone else making steps to open a school. So I have to use my courage to do it myself.


What is .Contriber School?

It's a membership-based school for higher learning on the Path of Knowledge. I want to clarify that what I am working on is based on the teachings as passed on by Théun Mares. There is also an era in Mexican history that is called Toltec, but these are not connected (at least how people would like to connect these). This material goes far beyond that time, so this is a very old legacy we're talking about.

As you can expect in school, you have different levels. I have divided about 200 skills and concepts into 4 levels and estimated how many years it would take on average speed to learn those. Of course, you can be faster, but as with most esoteric paths with speed, you actually gain nothing because you will introduce more obstacles than progress.


However, you can put more effort in, and this does lead to more results as well, but it cannot be forced. Even if a trained nagal like Théun Mares could have a personal apprentice with whom to work day-to-day, it would take one person to train at least 10-15 years.


The school needs both elements - theory and practice. To make information into knowledge, you need to go through the experience. You are expected to do it within your normal daily life - doing business, having family, and relationships. This path happens when you live. But still, even that needs some structure, and this we get from using the components called Tasks.

This is the practical side of the school and the outcome will be a more structured approach to self-development, where we have combined theory and practice. We will have a community of like-minded, like-hearted people walking the Path of Knowledge. This is the outcome of transforming the current community into the .Contriber School.

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Personal power is the product of perception and more specifically, the perception of myself determines what I believe I am capable of doing. 

― Rein Lemberpuu, "Unwanted Secrets of Power"

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