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Théun Mares

Nagal of the Toltec tradition

White Background

Who was Théun Mares?

Théun Mares (1952-2011) was born in Zimbabwe, and he lived in Cape Town, South Africa. He was a nagal of the Toltec tradition with a vast knowledge of life, human behavior, and relationships and the author of several books on spirituality. Théun's books have been translated into Spanish, Greek, Russian, Bulgarian, and Estonian. 


After graduating from university, Théun Mares pursued a successful career in performing arts, education, and business. In 1992, he devoted himself to spreading his unique knowledge through teaching, writing books, and organizing courses in England and the USA. 


Théun Mares died on the 5th of September in 2011.

Theun Mares.png


Théun Mares was born in Zimbabwe, of a mother who was a natural seer, and a father who was a miner. Having a seer’s ability himself, Théun was trained from an early age in this path and in the disciplines of the Toltec tradition. Living in the middle of nature, much of the natural beauty that surrounded him was harsh and untamed - nature in its purest form.

As Théun grew older, he started to develop a deep insight into human nature. This, he discovered, was not so different in its essence - true beauty revealed amongst the surrounding harshness - provided that life was lived simply and harmoniously and provided that one knew how to follow one's heart.


Leaving home in Zimbabwe, Théun put himself through university in South Africa. Then he embarked upon a successful stage career in the performing arts. In theatre, he was constantly brought face-to-face with the realities of human behavior. He became a professional classical dancer, and he also studied Spain and folk dancing.


Théun then left the world of the performing arts. Determined to do his part in uplifting others, he entered the education system. He taught classical dance in schools in South Africa.

Then he became a subject advisor for the government. His experience with schools brought him face-to-face with the early stages of social conditioning and findings that most schooling is not designed to teach people how to think for themselves but rather to force pupils into predetermined molds. As a result of his experiences in education, helping people to break free from their social conditioning forms the cornerstone of much of Théun's work.


Théun’s career spanned the breadth of the performing arts, education, and business. The overall aim of his work was first to rekindle in everyone the knowledge that the whole purpose of life is the evolution of awareness and, secondly, to imbue in us an understanding of how this is best achieved.


During his lifetime Théun used his seer’s skills and training to uncover the essential truths that lie at the heart of all true religions and belief systems. Théun received guidance from a man whose identity he, for political reasons, could not make public. In his books, he reveals the nature of these core truths, which have so often become distorted, corrupted, and lost with the passage of time. He also shows how to use these truths in a practical manner to revolutionise thinking, behaviour and world.

Toltec Teatchings


The symbol on the picture signifies that this work concerns the Toltec Path of Freedom as expressed by Théun Mares, and serves to differentiate these teachings from Meso-American traditions of Toltequity, Nagualism, and Shamanism. There is also an era in Mexican history that is called Toltec, but these are not connected.

“Toltec” means a man or woman of Knowledge, and the Toltec teachings, as expressed by Théun Mares, are a practical pathway of self-growth leading to self-knowledge. Toltec tradition encompasses a vast and ever-expanding system of knowledge about life, the universe, and the part we play within both.


His message is that the only possible way for us to create a hope-filled future, rather than a world filled with destruction, is by developing the openness of heart to embrace all of life fully, rather than by becoming separative and divisive by indulging in escapism.


Embracing all of life involves meeting all challenges head-on rather than running away from them. It involves developing and maintaining respect for the world in which we live and for life in general; it involves acknowledging that all actions impact those around us, and it also involves the constant willingness to respond – to take action – based upon the feedback from life. For the only thing of lasting value in life upon the physical plane is to live it all, to experience it all, to embrace it all: the good with the bad, and so to develop the sense of utter inclusiveness, which is the mark of a passionate, alive and truly human, being with a heart.

White Background

Impeccability is to act to the very best of your ability upon whatever knowledge happens to be available to you at any given moment.

― Théun Mares, Return of the Warriors: The Toltec Teachings - Volume I

Books by Théun Mares

  • Return of the Warriors. Théun Mares. January 1995, Lionheart Publishing

  • Unveil the Mysteries of the Female. Théun Mares. November 1999, Lionheart Publishing

  • The Mists of Dragon Lore: The Toltec Teachings volume 3. Théun Mares. October 1998, Lionheart Publishing

  • This Darned Elusive Happiness. Théun Mares. September 1999, Lionheart Publishing

  • Cry of the Eagle: The Toltec Teachings volume 2. Théun Mares.November 1997, Lionheart Publishing.

  • The Quest for Maleness. Théun Mares. November 1999, Lionheart Publishing.

  • Shadows of Wolf Fire: The Toltec Teachings volume 4. Théun Mares. May 2002,  Lionheart Publishing.

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