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Desires for Success

My Peace and Success
workshop trilogy
Part I
June 2, Norra Manor in Järva County 

Discover how your desires are related to your ability to create personal success and achieve inner peace.




From desires to success:

Understanding the inner principles of desires and their connection to our emotions opens the door to creating success. Conscious management of desires and emotions will help you achieve inner peace, without which being successful is more of a burden than a source of joy.

Emotions that inhibit success vs. core emotions:
Fear, ambition, shame and anxiety prevent us from reaching our full potential because a part of our nature works against us. This kind of inner conflict burns off most of the fuel you need to make your dreams come true. In such a state, it is not possible to achieve inner peace and thereby enjoy life naturally.

True Self:
By achieving harmony between our feelings, thoughts, words and actions, we tune into the wave of the True Self. The result is the application of the power of intent to create all that belongs to the Path of your Heart. Use your desires and emotions to your advantage to create success and relationships where you feel confident, calm and connected.

A great part of a person’s secret dreams hardly ever surface into the light of day. We hide our desires in the shadowy world of semiconscious emotional impulses. Often we don't dare to be who we are and do the things we like because we feel guilty - as if we don't have the right to be ourselves. And so, with the help of suppressed emotions and desires, we feed all kinds of strangely distorted ideas and hopes that we consider the purpose of our lives and the reflection of our True Self.


  • How are your desires and emotions connected?

  • What prevents us from creating success?

  • Why do I need my True Self?

  • Does fear move us forward or hold us back?

  • Why doesn't the joy last?

We do all this practically - by doing step-by-step guided exercises - which do not require any prior preparation from you. Just come and be curious!


If you dare and are ready to put the received advice to work immediately, we promise that you will feel a noticeable change in yourself within one day.


Don't let fear, anger or doubt rule your life and relationships. Join us for a day and start the journey to make your wishes come true.

Aigi L.


I got a lot of useful tools from the workshop. I use the knowledge that emotions are like a compass that shows us direction. I have been using a tool for dealing with fears and that really works. Also, the "clearing" method is very effective.

Jaak S.


The workshop gave me a completely new and very interesting perspective on emotions. Normally, we tend to suppress or judge emotions. After the workshop, I look at emotions in a completely new way. There are no bad or good emotions. Emotions are messengers that tell us in which direction we should move forward in life. The workshop took place in a very intimate and inclusive atmosphere, where you could focus 100%. For me, this was one of the most valuable workshops I have ever attended and I recommend this to everyone.

Tarmo H.


I think one of the most important things I got from this workshop was the ability to distinguish between feeling and emotion. I still have to practice to be able to tell the difference between them, but the knowledge is there and I have to start applying it consciously. In other words, the ability to reduce feelings to the core emotion.

Piret P.


For me, the most practical thing I got from this workshop was the technique of dissolving anger, as well as the map of the four basic emotions and their content. The difference between feelings and emotions and their relation was interesting. It's always nice to meet new interesting people too.

June 2, Norra Manor in Järva County


Norra Manor, Järva County

30 participants

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Anu Martinson


Rein Lemberpuu

Life is a feeling. Emotion is our expression of Life.

Théun Mares

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