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.Contriber & Philly Joe's Tartu

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Welcome to .Contriber & Philly Joe's Tartu, your premier destination for a unique blend of entertainment and self-improvement in Tartu!


Located at Kompanii 2, on the second floor, our venue is the result of a passionate collaboration between Rein Lemberpuu and Reigo Ahven. Their shared vision combines the ancient wisdom of the Toltecs with the vibrant energy of live music, creating a space where culture, knowledge, and art intersect.

The best way to keep up with our events is to check our Facebook page, which has all the latest information!

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Our Vision

At .Contriber & Philly Joe's Tartu, we believe in the power of music and wisdom to inspire and elevate. Our mission is to foster a community where live performances and thought-provoking discussions come together, offering a holistic experience that nourishes both the mind and the soul. 

What we do

  • Live music: Enjoy performances from local and international artists across various genres, including jazz, soul, gospel, and more. Our stage is a platform for both emerging and established musicians to showcase their talents.

  • Engaging discussions: Participate in interactive talks and workshops led by experts in various fields. These sessions aim to provide valuable insights and practical knowledge, fostering personal growth and community learning.

  • Community: You can join the .Contriber School self-development community and use our club room as a coworking space! There's always something happening at .Contriber & Philly Joe's Tartu.

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Whether you're a music lover, a seeker of knowledge, or simply looking for a place to unwind and connect, .Contriber & Philly Joe's Tartu welcomes you.

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