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Aleksander Tõnnisson

The One Who Talks You Into It (CSO)

My vision is to take full responsibility for my own life and to help others do the same.

What do you do today?

I’m a reading group leader, and the head of sales and marketing in the .Contriber School - I’m also a full-time student. Outside the school, I lead an investment fund. Cocoon Ventures and do mentoring in. Cocoon Program.

Today almost all my work-life roles and responsibilities help me forward on my path of self-discovery. One of my callings in life is supporting other people on their journey to wherever they need to go. I do that by leading a reading group about Toltec teachings, mentoring startup founders to align their purpose with their company’s vision, and investing in companies with founders interested in self-hacking.

I have 2 daughters and a wife. At home I have claimed the head of the family role, which to me means that I’m a role model to my family, I take responsibility for values, traditions, and symbols in our everyday life, and I provide a lead in terms of family goals and vision.

How did you get there?

When I started my first company, I thought that I had to give everything to that company, so I did, for years. Until there was nothing more to give, and I ended up in the ER with extreme chest pains and panic attacks, followed by a total burnout. So, I started to look for answers that traditional medicine could not give me. That led me to the path of self-discovery, I met Rein Lemberpuu, joined the .Cocoon program (back then as a client), and the rest is already history.

Why are you doing what you are doing? What is your vision?

My vision is to take full responsibility for my own life and help others do the same.
A common thread I see in people struggling to make their plans into reality is blaming external factors, which is the same as not taking responsibility for everything that happens within their lives. In other words, they are taking a victim role in the situation and life in general. It’s very common to attribute your successes to skills, but your failures to randomness. I know because I’ve been there myself.

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