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Jan Ilves

Digital Marketer @.Contriber

I’m all about learning more about myself, improving my relationships, and helping others do the same.

What do you do today?

Today I work under various .Contriber branches managing digital marketing. I bring my previous work experience and knowledge from creating digital businesses to the .Contriber. I very much like .Contriber’s approach to self-development and hope to bring this approach to many people through digital channels. 

Outside of work, I like spending time outdoors fishing, motorcycling and camping.

How did you get there?

In high school, I got bored of studying and school. I wanted to challenge myself, but the school did not provide a good outlet. So, I started focusing on self-development in various ways. 


First, it was going to the gym and getting my physical body into shape. I took on weight training and saw myself getting stronger and fitter every month. It also taught me discipline because I had to follow workout schedules and diets.

Then I became interested in entrepreneurship, reading business books, and learning how to start a business. I started a digital media company that created websites and earned revenue through advertisements.

Once the company was doing well, I lost interest in it and then joined a startup called Furnum. The startup did not work out, but there I met Hristo, who invited me to join .Contriber, so here I am.

Why are you doing what you are doing?

I’m in .Contriber to learn more about myself and help others do the same. I have always been interested in self-development and the structure .Contriber has in place is on a whole another level than reading a book or attending a seminar.

Where are you going? What is your vision?

My vision is to work on and improve myself that will also have a positive ripple effect on everybody around me.

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