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Liisi Lillemäe

Super Fairy

I like creation - art, design, all handy activities, and the creation of my life.  I have been interested throughout my conscious life in the mystery of myself, other human beings around me, and life in general. I am excited to discover and fulfill my potential and share it with the world around me.

What do you do today?

Today I am learning to be real. I am listening to my heart more and more and I am giving my best to be aligned with it. I want to say words that are true to my heart, make decisions and act on my own knowledge. Sometimes it’s really difficult to overcome my own obstacles or to listen to myself what is the real truth, what is my truth, but mostly walking on the path of my heart is really beautiful and fulfilling, also exciting. 

I work in .Contriber School in marketing and communication to spread the word about us, about Toltec teachings. Also, I want to support people around me to listen to themselves, be themselves and feel fulfilled.

How did you get there?

In 2012 I started to doubt the knowledge that I got from outside. Is that true what everybody else is saying? How do I feel about those things? I was a young mother of a little baby girl and some things in my mother's, friends', books', or doctors' talk didn't feel right. Soon very many things in our society didn't feel right. Is that all what I hear and see? What is the feeling that is in me? It led me to self-development books and courses, and later to active self-development work. One thing leads to another and now I am happy to learn and work in .Contriber.

Why are you doing what you are doing?

I want to be in balance, happy and fulfilled. I need to go after my inner feeling, after my purpose.  I wish that people around me would be in balance, happy, and fulfilled. There are too many miserable people in the world. I wish that people would open their eyes and hearts, and would trust themselves and life around them.

Where are you going? What is your vision?

I am going ahead. I explore and experience the mysterious world and myself, my superpowers and freedom.

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