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Mariann Vahi

.Contriber Relationships and Community

I am a work in progress. I am relationships around me, I am what I do and how I behave, how I feel and talk to myself and others. I am also a creator of change.

What do you do today?

What I refer to as work is getting to know myself through experiences and relationships. I am fascinated by relationships. How and why is it that while I am the same person in flesh and blood living under the same roof with my spouse, my son and my daughter they bring out totally different sides of me? It is almost like I am a different person with each one of them. This is the magic of learning from mirrors and the guidance to create positive change in me to change the world around me.

How did you get there?

In my past relationships I fell hard in the trap of the victim mindset. I treated myself as a doormat wanting to please and drifted far away from myself. Life got so uncomfortable it pushed me to start looking for ways to get out of that mindset and life that made me miserable.

Why are you doing what you are doing?

My intent is to create balance and harmony. I call myself rather practical person but I am learning that life is a feeling. My intent is to align two sides of life - physical/practical and spiritual, while being loving to myself and others.

Where are you going? What is your vision?

My vision is that people, including myself, claim more of the the positive, more what they are proud of, more that they like about themselves and put effort in and work on themselves to change what they do not like and what does not support their life, relationships, their well being. I want people to be courageous enough to ask for support and tell themselves that it is okay to fail. I want people to realize and really believe that the key to happiness or more fulfilling life or whatever you want to call your better life is in your hands and your hands only! But you must not feel lonely on your path!

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