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World of Little People

April 4-7, 2024

What if you would understand the full impact of your childhood?
How would it change your approach to life?

What if you could change the patterns you have in yourself ever since childhood and get on with your life now - instead of constantly being tripped up by the re-actions you invented to survive as a child?

Would you like to ensure you do not repeat the behaviour patterns of your parents, and their parents before them? What does it mean to be a child? What does it mean to grow up? What is the purpose of having those exact parents? And who am I, really?

Why do I need those childhood patterns and what is the true potential in them?


This is a relationship course. First and foremost a relationship course to meet yourself. We will guide you towards rediscovering the real you that you once were. And that still is there within us all. Through rediscovering the real you, you will be able to integrate the real essence into your current personality.

What we have become because of our conditioning is a far cry from what we were when we were first born!
This course is for anyone who has ever been born!


Topics include

  • What is actually this young human being called a child

  • What happens in the various stages of our development, from conception to young adult, and how it affects us becoming the personality we are today

  • The gift of our parents, from before birth through to adolescence

  • How to tackle the ongoing challenges that tend to repeat themselves in various forms

  • How behaviors are passed on from one generation to the next

  • Why we chose our parents; and why do our children choose us

  • How to change the way we see our-Selves

  • and most importantly - how to discover what is our real self

"Let us take you back to where you started off in life before your 'software' became corrupted — way back when you were still PURE, Life Coming Into Manifestation. Let us go back before you became stuck in re-enacting your folly and reinstall the ORIGINAL 'software' and thus REGENERATE the Life you are, and were always MEANT to be — that is, your unrealized potential!" ~ Théun Mares

Every child has an openness of mind, and a stark frankness of honesty that is not only endearing but utterly revitalizing and motivating. Yet being so stuck in what are quite often the petty problems of the adult world, we rarely, if ever, come in touch with the child's sense of fun, spontaneous humor, and natural love for all life.


It is therefore no wonder that we all too often shout and scream at our children, instead of appreciating and enjoying the wondrous gifts they bring us.


You may come to this course as an adult, or as a parent, or as a wannabe parent. You will learn how you are running your life based on a decision made about yourself before the age of seven. Most of us are still children, as our perception of ourselves and our belief in ourselves stalled right at that time when WE decided that we are not OK, not good enough, in some way! We need to head back and re-experience our childhood, and then change the way we see our-Selves.


We will look in depth as to why we got the father and mother we did in this lifetime, or at least look at the possibility that we MAY have chosen our parents, before we look at why OUR children got us, or will get us.

About Anu Martinson
The Facilitator of the Masterclass

Anu is part of the .Contriber School and its community supporting people on their journey to their Path with the Heart. At home, she is a proud mother of her son and a happy Female to her Male. 


Anu is greatly interested in a person. She enjoys creating the flow together that comes from listening to the other person, thinking and feeling along, and seeing them discover their inner superpowers that will lead them closer to their dreams.

Anu’s journey to get to know businesses and herself started in banking. At one point she wanted to experience how these business ideas come to life and what makes one company successful and the other not. So she moved forward to an international shared service center developing business processes and later continued her journey as a quality manager.


The main thing she learned is that people want to make a difference, they want to help their companies to grow.


That led her to coaching and mentoring. She has loved asking questions all of her life, she has had a curiosity to unfold the mysteries of the World, and to understand more of where we live in. And of the worlds beyond this world. So this is a natural flow of life that now she is in a business that supports people to look for their own mystery.


In most cases, people are not friends with change. It creates confusion and fear of the unknown. Yet there is something very ancient in change, very fresh and creative. Transformation is something that gives us power, we become more confident and discover all the new aspects that life has to offer. So this is why Anu feels that it is her duty to support people on this journey getting to know themselves.

Anu Martinson_Elm_edited_edited.jpg

About Aleksander Tõnnisson
The Co-Facilitator of  the Masterclass

Today almost all of Aleksander's work-life roles and responsibilities help him forward on his path of self-discovery. One of his callings in life is supporting other people on their journey to wherever they need to go. He does that by mentoring startup founders and helping them to align their purpose with their company’s vision, and investing in companies with founders interested in self-hacking.


He has 2 daughters and a wife. At home he has claimed the head of the family role, which to him means that he's a role model to his family, he takes responsibility for values, traditions, and symbols in the family's everyday life, and he provides a lead in terms of family goals and vision.

When he started his first company, he thought that he had to give everything to that company, so he did, for years. Until there was nothing more to give, and he ended up in the ER with extreme chest pains and panic attacks, followed by total burnout. So, he started to look for answers that traditional medicine could not give him. That led him to the path of self-discovery, he met Rein Lemberpuu, joined the .Cocoon program (back then as a client), and the rest is already history.

His vision is to take full responsibility for his own life and help others do the same. A common thread he sees in people struggling to make their plans into reality is blaming external factors, which is the same as not taking responsibility for everything that happens within their lives. In other words, they are taking a victim role in the situation and life in general. It’s very common to attribute your successes to skills, but your failures to randomness. Aleksander says: "I know because I’ve been there myself."


The Masterclass starts on Thursday afternoon at 2 pm and finishes on Sunday evening with a dinner together.
From Friday to Sunday, we also will start the day at 9 am.

The nature of the Masterclass does not allow for set times for breaks.

Lunch will be between 12.30 - 2.30 pm, dinner will be between 7.30 - 9.30 pm. We offer refreshments and snacks during the breaks and celebrate with participants in our final dinner at the end of the Masterclass - these are included in the Masterclass fee. Other lunches and dinners are not included in the fee.



The Masterclass will be held in sTARTUp Hub, Kompanii 2, Tartu, Estonia.

Suggestions for arranging your accommodation

The Masterclass fee does not cover the costs of accommodation.
You can arrange your accommodation by choosing one of the nearby hotels below:
Hotel Pallas -
Hotel Lydia -
Hotel Dorpat -
Hektor Hostel -

Hotel Soho -

Please note that to participate in the Masterclass you need to be a member of Warrior School. We are happy to introduce you to our school and our process for self-discovery.

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