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10-day Relationship Challenge


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Life is interconnected, interrelated, and interdependent, as are the people in it. These connections are what we call relationships. It’s quite like with an internet connection - we can’t imagine our lives without it, we tend to take it for granted, and we only notice it once the connection is bad or lost altogether.
Do you want a better connection?

Think for a moment about the relationships that you have in your life. How many of those are in ease, trust and respect, and you enjoy them? How many of your relationships are a struggle, a burden, and in tense in one or another way? All those relationships impact your life. The same applies to your relationship with the circumstances in your life.

All of our lives are nothing more than a set of relationships between us and the circumstances in our lives.

Life is largely dependent upon the relationship between us and, at the very least, one more person or thing. Therefore, if you are in search of happiness, the step with the most return for the effort is building better relationships.

Would you like to be a little bit happier? Or more than just a little bit?

Come with us to a free 10-day Relationship Challenge to understand your relationships better, to make observations, get useful insights and make necessary course-corrections. This is a challenge with daily Missions, which you will get onto your email and in the private Facebook Group. There will be daily Live videos where we will talk about the Missions' topics and concepts, and we will show how to make it practical within your everyday life.

If you feel you have relationships in your life that matter, and you’re ready to take the responsibility for having those people in your life, sign up right now!

What people say

Throughout the 10 days, there were some real roadblocks and some real learnings. The biggest of all was the relationship with my partner — both realized that we both wanted more warmth, gentleness, and love. One important thing this challenge has demonstrated is that just by being open and wide awake enough you already learn something.

Lea D.

During these 10 days my partner and I took part in every task. As we are in a long-distance relationship these daily challenges were a great way for us to view our relationship from different angles and reflect together on it. During these open discussions about the daily challenges, we noticed in what areas we are strong and in what areas we can improve. Overall these challenges gave us great ideas and good nightly conversations. Definitely going to take all the learnings with us into the better future!

Margit V.

These 10 days provided a lot of food for thought. I discussed the topics with my partner at home in the evenings. It was a very nice challenge.

Elisa L.

I read every morning what kind of challenge is ahead. Already this moment was very fun and it had a huge value – What is my task today? I used the tools in my everyday life.

Relika K.

I didn't take part in every task, but definitely I took lots of thoughts and tools from the challenge. I had many discussions with my friends on the topics from the challenge, for example, the topic of women behaving as mothers and men as kids.

Allan R.

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Topics we touch

Taking responsibility for your part

Accepting yourself and the other

How respect and familiarity are polar opposites

How time changes a relationship

Belief is not blind faith

Differences between males and females

How focus equals intent

Having fun

Writing things down and keeping a journal

A hug

Triin Sarri
Your guide on this journey

I was around 15 when I started getting interested in psychology and self-development. It took me about 10 years of trying out many other things to realize that learning about self and life is my path with heart and when I finally made the decision to walk the path, my relationship with myself was in a pretty dire state. The main quality that was lacking was respect, especially towards self.


Lacking in self-respect, I tolerated things that in my heart I knew are not working for me, but I couldn’t find my way out. It was both my own behavior and attitudes, and those of others. I wasn’t happy and at peace with myself, so I tried different ways to outsource it (using others to make me happy, making others happy in the hope that they’ll return the favor etc.) I think it works both ways - my relationship with myself is affecting the circumstances around me and the external circumstances affect my relationship with myself. So it took me a few crises like getting fired, divorce, death of my mother to realize that my happiness is only my business.


If I look at how I started off in my life, I see a messy relationship between my parents, moving several times, tensions between family members, changing schools, violence (both emotional and physical), but also curiosity, adventure, nature, a lot of relationships, fun, and courage to explore.


Funnily enough, at some point, I decided that my experiences have been bad, life has been unfair to me and I started feeling bad about myself. I decided to give up on my terms, also this didn’t work, LAMOF.


For me, the first change on the road of self-discovery is to get out of victimhood. There’s no point to discover anything if the only use of those discoveries is to use them as weapons against ourselves or others in playing the blame game. I’m still learning this.


It is a huge effort to overcome your beliefs, and habits, to get out of a victim mindset, etc, and to do it in the middle of your daily life. Not all of us have the opportunity to take time out and retreat to woods or monastery. But we can start putting ourselves first in our life and share our experiences of our journeys to support each other. For me, the only failure in life is the failure to fight and I’m happy to share my battles and support others in theirs.


During 10 days you will get a mission for each day, also there will be a Live video each day where the Captain of the 10-day journey explains the concept of the mission.

August 7-16, 2023.


Online, your email and a private Facebook group.

To whom?
The 10-day Relationship Challenge is for you if you want to be more honest and closer with yourself and others.



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