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Hristo Neiland


I believe that all our barriers are made by ourselves, therefore with proper support, we can also take them down.

What do you do today?

Today I am the COO of .Cocoon program. This helps me to fulfill my needs for diversity with one common determinant - people. Whatever I do, I approach it through people. For example, selling .Cocoon program gives me the opportunity to make connections and build meaningful relationships. My main focus in sales is to build a trusting relationship which is fundamental for open communication. From that, we can go deep into the core of a person's needs and what is the best possible action to take.

I’m in my third year of an active mentoring journey. Mentoring adults started with mental coaching for athletes and now working mostly with entrepreneurs. Mentoring is a process I’m most passionate about, the feeling of putting oneself aside and concentrating fully on the process of changing energies which results in an expanded perception is a magical thing to be part of.

For physical activities, I play basketball, disc golf, and hit the gym to keep the development of my mind and body at the same pace.

How did you get there?

I started my professional life as a youth worker and basketball coach, then as high school teacher and student counselor. As a counselor, I had an opportunity to guide youngsters to gain their own power for continuing the mysterious journey of life.

After a while I got bit by the money bug and I started building custom-made furniture marketplace called Furnum. This was a wild ride that I recall as a high-speed entrepreneurship course. The feeling was that the company grew two times faster than I could and it was definitely the most intense period of my life where the only constant was the change. This period helped me to understand how it feels to build a company in an area that is not my path with a heart. Furnum journey brought me together with Rein Lemberpuu, CEO of Contriber One and I felt that we clicked well. Fortunately, it was a mutual feeling and I joined the .Contriber team. :)

Why are you doing what you are doing?

I believe that people need other people to experience life fully, but people can’t connect with others when they are not working to get connected with themselves. So I want to contribute to the world by constantly self-developing and then sharing my knowledge with others who want to connect more with the all-life around them and find their path with a heart.

Where are you going?

My vision is to spread the approach that a person can learn much more than face value shows from whatever route one pursues, be it entrepreneurship, sports, arts, or something else. I want to support people finding their path with a heart and then gain as much knowledge out of it as they can. I might be naive, but I truly believe that everyone is capable of finding the way to live life to the fullest.

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