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Why do I need Synchronicity?

I have been pondering on why sometimes I get things right seemingly with quite a small effort and the other times it just will not work out. Is it just about being at the right place at the right time for things to happen?

Those times when everything goes smoothly I am connected. Connected first and foremost to myself. And those times that take more effort - not so connected. The key here in being connected to yourself is to make sure your mind is focused on the positive and not on some fearful expectations. When I focus on some fearful expectation, my mind goes over the board in producing all kinds of scenarios and outcomes, and... and I shut down my feelings. The best guide we have in this world!

But when focusing on the positive (and there is always something positive in every negative) we enter into a flow of Synchronicity. And when we do that clarity and aliveness are what we get. When we fall out of the flow, it is what we lose.

One way to stay connected is to practice impeccability. Because whenever we listen to our thoughts and feelings, share our words based on our thoughts and feelings, and take action based on our thoughts and feelings and words, this is exactly what follows - Synchronicity.

But why do I need this Synchronicity? By being connected and thus syncing all the different layers of yourself is how to get connected with your Dreamer and with the Universe.

Yours respectfully, Anu from .C Team

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