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.C Therapy

Get the support you need to make changes in your life.

How are you?

Let’s have a quick self-evaluation. Please rate on a scale of 1-10 how satisfied are you with your current:

Close Relationships

Career and finances

Energy and joy

What is missing in your life to improve these ratings? .C Therapy helps you to see how you are the one creating your life and see what are the behaviours that keep you from living up to your full potential.

At .C Therapy we are working with different supporting methods:

Helping you gain clarity about the challenge and its roots

Give you concrete practical tools you can use in your everyday life to bring change.

Keep you accountable to make the change and not get stuck.

How and what type of changes to make? We will support you in finding out. Making changes is the only way to get out from being stuck in a situation that is no longer working for you.


What is .C Therapy?

The English word “therapy” comes from the Latin “therapīa” from Greek: “θεραπεία” and literally means "curing" or "healing", that is a treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder. 

Let's look into the word disorder as dis-order, which means “thrown into confusion” and is related to dis-ease, which means we are not at ease with our physical body, our emotions, or our mind. We see that both lack of clarity and not being at ease are the result of lack of know-ledge in some area of our lives that is bringing about imbalance and the consequent dis-ease and dis-order.


When I am "not at ease", it usually means that there are challenges in my life that I do not understand. Therefore my approach to my challenges is not giving me the results that would make my life at ease again. .C Therapy aims to find the link between your challenge and your personal knowledge or lack of knowledge by aiding you to find the clarity you need in order to take practical steps to get back in balance.


The result of any imbalance first manifests within us as a dis–ease at a psychological level, but unless this is remedied, it will eventually also manifest as a physical disease. Consequently, we can see how very important it is to address not only the symptoms of the dis-ease, but also its cause, for invariably, it is this cause that reveals the knowledge we have been lacking and which was responsible for making us ill to start with.


When we talk about personal knowledge, then it means our understanding of our life experiences. If there is a gap in our understanding, then it means we will need to repeat the experience in one way or another to fill those gaps. So if you have a repeating challenge, then more like than not, you have not understood why you need this experience in your life. 

.C Therapy is based on the tools and concepts related to the Path of Knowledge, aka Warrior’s Path. The only true knowledge there is the knowledge of the Self. Our therapist will support you in finding the root causes of your challenges in relationships, lack of motivation and purpose, low energy and burnout, traumatic life events, and being stuck in major decisions in your life.


"Man's only justification for physical existence is to learn; this is his destiny which he cannot avoid under any circumstances."


From above, it is clear to see that it is only possible to heal a person who does not resist being healed, that is, who does not resist the process of life. Healing is only possible when you are willing to cooperate with our therapist.

.Contriber founder Rein Lemberpuu

Piret Pall.png

Piret Pall

.C Therapy is like someone checking your writing, which you yourself have already read several times and you are convinced that there are no typos and you can't do any better, but a reader with fresh eyes (read: therapist) can immediately see where a comma is missing, and where a capital letter is required. You can go to a therapy session on any topic, be it health, body weight, self-love, or problems at work, and usually, they are all related. The main thing I have gained from therapy sessions is a fresh view of my potential. At the same time, the therapist is also an accountability partner, keeps their hand on the pulse, and does not let you go back into old ways.

Maido Janke.png

Maido Janke

Getting stuck in your head is a scary experience. A place where it seems that there is no good way out, things are as they are, and everything is getting more and more complicated, darker and heavier. As if you are your own prisoner, but you can't escape from yourself!
Therapy sessions have provided an opportunity to take a break from everyday activities and honestly unfold this entire thought process from within. Seeing this and new perspectives from a therapist gives me a choice, which is my freedom!


Aleksander Tõnnisson

.Cocoonity mentor

For me, as a mentor, .C Therapy is a perfect way to solve your most urgent challenges. I would compare .C Therapy with a visit to a family doctor when you feel sick - you get immediate relief to fight the symptoms and regain strength, and if necessary, a recommendation on what to do next to address the cause behind the symptoms. So, .C Therapy might be just enough, or it might be a stepping stone for a full-scale transformation later in the .Contriber School.


Cover photo.jpg

This is a process how to book yourself a .C Therapy session:

  • Choose a time you would like to have the meeting and the therapists you prefer. We will confirm your choices after registration. 

  • Choose whether you would like to have an online or onsite meeting. Onsite meetings are held in Tartu, in our sTARTUp Hub at Raekoja plats 16.

  • We will send you an invoice. Your time will be booked after the payment.

  • The first meeting is 75 minutes. After this, you have an opportunity to buy a 3-session package. All the next sessions are 60 minutes.

  • The session can be in English or Estonian, depending on the therapist you choose.

  • Come to the session, bring yourself, your questions, and your open mind.



How will you attend?
How many sessions you would like to book?
Who are your preferred mentors?

We will confirm your booking soon!


Anu Martinson

I'm interested in people. I enjoy seeing people discover their inner superpowers, achieve their dreams and find their path with the heart. I believe that we have all the needed resources inside ourselves. All we need to do is find them and build them stronger.

Aleksander Tõnnisson

My vision is to take full responsibility for my own life and to help others do the same.

Kristiina Kodanik

I believe in change - when I change, the world around me changes. When you get clear about your dreams and goals, opportunities will come. Today I am happy to have my passions all combined together in my daily work.

Rein Lemberpuu

I see true knowledge as a personal experience and personal power as result of impeccable execution in all daily matters. I stand for personal power and freedom from social conditioning. I represent not only passive acceptance of what is but also active participation in life to fight for what I believe in.

Triin Sarri

I believe our perception of the outer world is the reflection of our inner world. If we arrange and coordinate our inner realms, it will also reflect in the physical world.

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Get the support you need to make changes in your life.

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