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Sleeping or not, here I come!

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

I have been pondering lately why people are not interested in solving the most amazing mystery we are witnessing daily - who are we? For some reason, people do not pay attention and walk around like everything is clear to them and there is nothing more to discover. Or they only see that perhaps there is some subconscious stuff or some weird mechanism in how our brain works. I mean think about it - what do you think you could potentially discover when you would put let's say 20 000 hours into working with this mystery? Clearly, it cannot be anything of much value otherwise most of us would be already doing it.

What an irony - we are the biggest mystery we can ever find and for some other mysterious reason, we are simply not interested in it! What a clever setup created by Life! This forces us to explore the outer world and all of us are busy doing it. This means that we are busy doing something which someone else planned for us. We are given a supercomputer and we are only using it to crack the nuts open! Indeed, a supercomputer that is not connected to an electrical power source is quite useless.

Even when someone manages to power it up then without programming skills there is still nothing interesting going on. And there is no manual! Well, at least it appears so. Some of us will go looking for the manuals and find many interesting ways how to use them: as weight or as a sofa table. In fact, if you start looking then there are so many manuals that it fills you with even more confusion.

The comparison with the supercomputer is quite an apt one as there are not many human-made things on this planet that are so hard to learn how to use to their maximum potential. If you get just a piece of hardware without a manual then it is almost mission impossible to get it properly working on your own. It takes years of trial and error to get it to say “Hi!” No wonder there are not many who would spend days upon days working with this riddle.

You may have noticed that in each love-letter I am trying to show in different ways why it is so challenging, necessary, or rewarding to take this time still and make the effort. This time around it is quite challenging for me as today it is 32 degrees outside and it is Saturday after Midsummer Holiday. Why should I stay behind the computer and write a letter to the world that likewise has no reason to wait for this letter nor read it? A different kind of challenge - when everything is great then it is unbelievably difficult to find a motive for solving mysteries and especially the kind that yields no quick results.

If your life is great at this stage then it will be very difficult for you to change yourself or to learn about yourself - in short, to solve the mystery named You. Sometimes when someone shares that everything is great for him, I feel sad as this closes the door to wonders for some time. At best there could be some curiosity still but this rarely leads to experimenting and discovering the secrets. Definitely no desire to learn about Unwanted Secrets of Power.

Everyone secretly desires to have power, more power than they have at their command at this point. Yet very few are willing to take the actions to have more power. When you understand what it takes to have more power or to solve the mystery you are then suddenly the interest disappears - if that's what it takes then I am not interested!

For this reason, people are forever looking for shortcuts and quite many have made their living out of offering such quick hacks so that you could have a better life on your terms. More power but without the hassle of having to fight for that power and most specifically so that you would not need to change anything about yourself or the way you want to see the world.

Needless to say that all such shortcuts are outside of you since clearly, they cannot be within you. Otherwise, you would already use them. At least that is the story we keep picking up everywhere. Money, business connections, fame, success, political power, status, drugs, magic wands, and all kinds of mystical artifacts, books, spells, beings from unseen worlds, secret breathing techniques, rituals, etc. Anything that opens up possibilities that you otherwise would not be able to use.

And yes, indeed, some of those shortcuts do give you abilities that you did not have. However, all true knowledge has a price tag attached to it and there is a general rule that if you do not see beforehand the price then it will be more costly than you could imagine. The cheapest way to solve the mystery is to put in your own struggle, sweat, and effort.

Coming back to why I am still writing this letter. Partly it is because of the challenges and tough times I had many moons ago which brought me to question what is the point of all this work, family, and hobbies story. It was very clear to me that all of the things I would accomplish will turn into dust like millions of lives before me. Even those couple of famous people we still remember from thousand years ago through history books are not real. I mean that I do not know much about them except the name and the main thing this person achieved that caught the attention of the public.

Although those difficult challenges in my life have been tackled, the feeling of meaningless existence is still with me. Writing about how to approach the greatest of the mysteries is my way of putting meaning to my life. Yes, I need it, no one else. I write to give my contribution to the evolution of life and this I do in order for me to be able to take from life. I can clearly feel that it is my duty to give my best in solving the mystery although to fully succeed in this is beyond my reach.

Yet if I would not treat life as a mystery then everything becomes so ordinary and boring should I pause for the moment from enjoying the business of life in all of its opportunities. To think that this is all that life can be is sheer madness, a complete folly and I have no wish to go back to sleep and lose the chance of experiencing the extraordinary.

We can do a quick test to see if you are sleeping peacefully or not. Answer in writing the question: what is your main purpose in life? If you can write a clear statement with at least a working hypothesis then you have started to work on the mystery. If not, then you are still peacefully sleeping and comforting yourself that most of humanity cannot really answer this question and hence this is not important to know anyway.

Do you want to wake up from the ordinary? Would you like to know why you were born? Do you sense the meaninglessness in what you can see around you? Are you willing to make an investment in discovering the mystery of life? Would it be interesting for you to know your true potential? Why do you have your specific challenges and talents? Why these parents? Why these loved ones? Why this country, this gender? Why do some dreams become materialized and others not? What about your health?

All these questions can be answered to the extent they will have a practical impact on your life but it requires an investment. A price has to be paid. Something you need to let go of or not have in your life. If you want to become a world champion in golf then a wish of becoming a world champion in football has to die. Everything has a price tag.

I do not have answers to your questions but I can share my answers to my own questions. I can share a way to start answering those questions but the price of effort and struggle has to be paid by you. This is my purpose - I fight for my personal power and freedom from the ordinary and support others in their fight. .Contriber has been built around this purpose and vision. I have waited for my team to arrive who share the same purpose and today we are here for entrepreneurs ( and for knowledge hunters ( and parents who sense that they want to prepare their children for the magical journey of life (

I have paid the price of working in the garden with this beautiful weather outside so that I can make yet another step in materializing my purpose and my potential to be the magical being of the universe.

With sun and love,


Time to go canoeing on the lake ;-)

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