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Introducing .Contriber - a new chapter for the .Cocoonity School

.Cocoonity, a school dedicated to personal development, is thrilled to announce that as part of its growth and evolution, the company is undergoing a name change to .Contriber.

In 2014 Rein Lemberpuu and Rain Kivisik started to build a software company called .Contriber to support teams with collaboration tools using Toltec Wisdom. Throughout the years, many more daughter companies grew from this. Among others, one of them is Cocoon Program which offers self-development program for entrepreneurs, and one of them is .Cocoonity, a self-development school for everyone.

The original .Contriber software didn’t work out, and the focus of the group became more to be on supporting self-development in a service-based format. The name still stayed as the name of the group that combines several companies.

Today, the decision to rebrand as .Contriber comes at a pivotal moment in the organization's journey. We have decided to spin off .Cocoon Program from the group as an independent company. To make it clearer to differentiate, .Cocoonity decided to change its name and return to its roots - it is now called .Contriber.

.Contriber CEO Rein Lemberpuu also explains the journey back to the old name. “.Contriber has been, from the very beginning in 2014, a company with a goal to support people’s self-development journey. Through different endeavors on this journey, .Contriber has been a software company and startup investors group, and now it is a self-development school. Our aim as a school is to support people to go deep inside by getting to know themselves and discovering their Path with the Heart”.

Over the years, .Contriber has successfully served as a hub for individuals seeking self-discovery and inner growth, offering transformative mentoring services and guidance based on the principles of Toltec Wisdom.

.Contriber is poised to continue its mission of supporting people to gain personal freedom, have better relationships, and live a better life.

Farewell .Cocoonity, welcome back .Contriber!

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