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Response to imbalance

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

This time around a newsletter has a different spin as we are looking for new ways to respond to our friends and family in the current world situation. I am aiming to give a different perspective on how to adjust to the changing world through changes in our daily lives instead of wishing the world to be different and wishing others would change their way of doing.

Off-balance - a trick played by Nature?

Our world is systematically brought off balance by Nature and by humans. Nature does this as a way of natural evolution to unfold new levels of awareness throughout all possible life forms. Only by mapping out the unknown can our awareness evolve and no true change can happen without being forced out of what is already known for us - the comfort zone.

It is so human and natural to build upon the safe confines of the known and how can it be even otherwise. Does not seem practical to start building a house on the land whose ownership is unknown to you and using materials of which you are not certain that those are actually meant for construction etc. All this sounds right and logical and therefore the known for us becomes the cornerstone of our view of the world. The more we build on top of our solid view of the world the more concretized it becomes and the more difficult it is to fit the new and unknown into the picture. But evolution cannot be avoided and therefore mighty forces bring us out of balance regardless if we like it or if this fits our plan built on top of our view of the world.

How about humans?

Do humans also bring our way of living out of balance for the same reasons? If we enforce restrictions for some businesses to be closed while others can foster then is this for the enhancement of quality of life? Or is this even active off-balancing or is this re-active counter-balancing instead?

What do we see in the news? Are these actions, re-actions or non-actions?

Government not taking restrictive actions in India. On the other end of spectrum Dutch used force to break up the rally or UK anti-lockdown protestants becoming violent. Off-balance deficit in chip production, followed by rubber deficit. Blocked Swiss canal and now fatberg in Birmingham sewage system bringing systems out of balance in another way.

How have we contributed to those imbalances we see reflecting back from the world? What has been our response? Has it been action, re-action or non-action? And finally how can we contribute to restoring the balance and are we to restore the old balance or bring life up one spiral and bring about new balance? As above, so below.

Holding on vs letting go

There is a difference between getting off-balance because of holding on to what has served its purpose and getting off-balance because letting go of old and trying to rebuild on the next turn of the spiral. Let's get practical and see how it works in my personal example. Where am I at the moment off-balance?

One of the easiest places to find imbalance for me is my sleep. It gives me a clear signal that there is some change going on inside me, so what keeps me awake at night? There are many major threads of change running in my life.

First being the divorce from my exceptional double-marriage (no, not two wives but being married to one twice). I am clear to see that this is not holding on to the old but rather acknowledging that we have learned from each other what has been the gift from Life. The depth and extent of the experiences lived through together leave me speechless in gratitude and touched to the core. This change has brought many ripple effects including me building a new lake-side home for myself but as the construction is still under-way then I am out of home-balance meanwhile. This all creates room for new to enter my life but yes, this is also threatening as being faced with unknown always is. Any steps done in the unknown involves risk and being off-balance till the time the unknown has been mapped.

Second aspect which is undergoing change in our work life is .Cocoonity branch which has been a community of like-minded and like-hearted people using self-hacking to uncover new aspects of themselves. It has been my dream to bring people together in support for each other but I feel I have been holding on to what has not been working on this front. Namely I have envisioned a community but to build community in Estonia is similar as to squeeze water out of stone. We simply are not a nation cut for that. Instead we are an individualistic and rather introverted nation. Of course, we have many great communities in Estonia but for me the message is clear - we need another form for .Cocoonity to grow further.

Any imbalance in our awareness implies gaps of knowledge and this is also true for the trans-forming .Cocoonity into a new form - a school of higher learning based on Warrior’s Path. There is a lot of knowledge to be uncovered for this to be a new source of support and inspiration for people to claim their personal power and freedom from social conditioning. So yes, this keeps me awake as well but never before I have felt so supported as of today and using my feelings to guide me I am step by step mapping this gap of knowledge.

Taking risks

If you are operating in the system that is out of balance then it presumes taking risk. But when will risk taking become gambling? Are you gambling if you do not enforce restrictions due to Covid or are you gambling if you do enforce them? Are you gambling when you do not take care of self-isolation or when you take vaccine shots or vice-versa? Our response to our daily challenges will cumulate into the situation world-over.

My discrimination between taking risk and gambling is based on your motive. If you expect to fill the gaps of knowledge without wanting to learn through personal experience you will be gambling. It is wanting to get more than to give back for it in return. Gambling is looking for shortcuts while taking risk means being ready to fail regardless of the investment made.

Where am I taking risk or gambling as of today? .Cocoonity is aiming to facilitate two masterclasses in June. Already on the 3rd of June we will host the first masterclass "Journey of Adjustment" and for that to happen Elizabeth and Milen from ISM would need to start arranging their travel to Estonia. But we do not even know if the restrictions will be lifted for us to make this masterclass because as of today we are not allowed to do that.

Is this taking the risk and believing that where there is a will, there is a way or are we simply gambling and trying to avoid the hassle of experiencing cancellation or rescheduling to a different time? Are we looking for shortcuts? Are we perhaps stubborn and want to have life on our own terms or are we being courageous in believing that the impossible can be made possible?

To find the direction of the answer I need to ask myself - are we willing to make an investment into this experience or are we avoiding an experience? From that angle I can definitely say that yes, we are willing to do the investment and ready to take the learning. Elizabeth is investing almost one month in going through different stages of travel to pick up course materials in one country and then head to next in order to be in Estonia in time to comply with requirements of self-isolation and we are making all the necessary arrangements that include costs of different kinds that cannot be returned when the masterclass cannot happen.

So yes, we are taking risk and for that to happen we need to have belief that we are going through this off-balance world situation hoping to appear on the next turn of the spiral of evolution. This is our response, this is our pledge.

What is your response?

How can you respond to imbalance in your life and your support to resolve the worldly challenges?

You can make that investment by answering the following questions:

  1. Where are you at the moment off-balance?

  2. Are you off-balance because of holding on to old or because of incorporating the new?

  3. What is your response for the imbalance? Is this action, re-action or non-action?

  4. Where are you taking risks today?

  5. Where are you gambling today or looking for shortcuts?

You can answer those questions for yourself or share them with us by replying to this email and if you are already in the mood then please give us some feedback on the new form of the .C newsletter or let me know if you are interested in joining the Masterclass or become a member in our new school :-)

With my love and belief,


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