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You do not believe...

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

You do not believe that you cannot stick to the decision of change.
You do not believe that you cannot stick to the decision of change.

It is not easy to be honest with ourselves and see objectively what we feel and think about a certain topic. Because of lack of training in honesty we are not used to analyzing our decision keeping abilities. When we make a decision then it is not any more difficult than to say a sentence.

What we do know is that before deciding, making the choice can sometimes be difficult when there are too many or none desired choices. Once we have made our choice then making a decision is all about sticking to the choice we have made. Yet, this is not normally thought of. People think that making a decision is mostly about choosing. Naturally then when the choice has been made then also a decision is considered to be made.

And here the problem only starts since decision means that we need to stick to the choice and carry it out in practical life. Making a choice and sticking to the decision are two different things and require different capabilities. Usually when we stop acting upon a decision then we do not acknowledge that we lack the ability to keep up with the decision and rather think that we made a new decision instead. Like a decision that this is not needed today, or something else needs to be done instead, or I could not do it because of this or that.

Those thoughts feel like new decisions and hence we do not face ourselves that we failed in keeping a decision. Who thinks that a decision is a commitment? The only difference between saying that I decided to eat healthier this year and committed to eating healthier in general is the length of the period. Commitments are aimed to be maximized in terms of time and can extend till the end of life.

How to make life changes that would stick:

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