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Meet yourself in silence

Silence. I am sitting on the porch having my morning coffee and looking at the silence. Isn't it weird that we are afraid of silence, yet this is so natural? 

In my backyard, everything is covered with snow - the trees, the flowerbeds, and even the forest a bit further away are all covered and everything looks so peaceful. Peace is something that we, humans, are constantly looking for. Yet we seem not to be able to stop ourselves in our daily rushes. And the more towards the end of the year, the more it feels like there is not enough time. So we put on another gear, and we rush some more…

Here I am sitting in silence. Listening to the silence. And I start to notice how silence, too, has so many ways to speak. I notice the flow of thoughts running through my head. Suddenly I remember a moment in my childhood playing with snow. And now, there is this woodpecker again - nice to see you this morning! Hmm, there is some tension in my body I did not notice before. And this warm cozy feeling I sense when my loved ones are moving around the house. Wait, suddenly a memory appears that brings up fear. That's OK, welcome fear, take the back seat... Now what? No more thoughts? No memories? Just being? This feels interesting. Like an emptiness that is full of everything. I feel relaxed and calm.

After sitting for a while like this, I feel like I know myself a tiny bit more. I have met myself again. I remember a saying from a long time ago - we do not have time, we need to take time. And that is so very true. There is always the next thing to do, the next battle to fight, the next mountain to climb. But we need to take time for ourselves, to meet ourselves, and to be with ourselves. Otherwise, we never really get to know who we are.

So, take time today dear friends. For yourself. To look back at the year, to welcome all the experiences that you have had. To meet yourself, again. 

With Love,


with .C Team

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