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Numerology of the year 2024

Our mentor and Numerology lady Kristiina has looked into the numbers of this year.

There are many layers, many messages, and of course, we are all masters of our own Life - so take what you feel is for you in this message, yet pay also attention to what you feel is irrelevant or even somehow triggering, there might be an extra gift for you here. But most of all - enjoy your journey!

The keyword for the year 2024 is Balance & Harmony (from Numerology - 8 Balance & harmony / Lack of).

A Warrior of Freedom is humble and understands (2 Humility & understanding / Need for) that there is a long way to go, but the Power supports him. Efficiency (8), stability, determination, and self-confidence (4) in one's actions are tools to be used that support.

Since the 2 is represented twice in the number of this year, it means that throughout the year the focus is on acquiring humility and understanding in strengthening one's understanding of Self. A Warrior is supportive and selfless, not only to himself but also to others, always supporting what is life-supportive and positive - one doesn't have to support other people's weaknesses (nor your own). In order to do all this, the Warrior listens to his feelings. Cultivating these qualities results in the ability to be an arbiter/balancer in conflict situations (which again leads to harmony).

Théun Mares has given a nice Socrates example: "I am the wisest man in the world because I alone know that I know nothing". Therefore, when Socrates said that he knew that he knew nothing, he actually took a step back to bow his head in complete humility, because he was willing to admit that even all his wisdom as a philosopher was nothing compared to all that is around, all that is Life. Such an understanding, which automatically leads to humility, indicates a truly wise person.

All harmony depends on the interrelationships of life, through physical, emotional, and spiritual actions. There can be no true freedom where there is no harmony. Since 0 is both emptiness and potential (Universality, Absolute freedom / Lack of), one should be playful like a child, brave and fearless, and let himself get inspired. This year, the Warrior shows strong clear feelings, has a vivid and creative imagination, and notices details.

The universe supports action. Being responsible, hardworking, and practical, letting the creativity in, and taking necessary manual activities give support for business partnerships. A Warrior is modest, not proud and boastful, not self-centered or argumentative. A Warrior doesn't worry.

If knowledge is not comprehendible, the Warrior is not afraid to appear stupid or inadequate but takes it as an acknowledgment of the fact that he is always ready to learn and get a new experience. Striving for simplicity, the Warrior discards all unnecessary actions.

A Warrior always listens to his heart.

Have a harmonious journey!



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