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Love-letter from December 2022

We are very close to the end of this calendar year which has been an adventure in multiple dimensions. For some reason, it feels each year as if more things happened in my perspective towards life compared to a year before. This does not make logical sense as most years have the same number of days but it does feel relatively more and more significant with each year.

However, my understanding of myself and life is changing from year to year, therefore my awareness is evolving and expanding as it holds more meaning for me as opposed to declining and contracting that would result in me registering less different perceptions of myself and life. Hence everything in my life is relative to my own level of awareness.

As it is the end of one cycle then I am also ending this series of love-letters. Every time you close one door, a new one opens. This principle also comes from the general relativity theory E=mc2 but I will come back to this a bit later.

So what is this new door I am talking about?

For my fellow Estonians, I have translated a book called “The Journey of Adjustment” by Théun Mares into Estonian. Open the door to buy: open.

For my international audience, I will publish 2023 a book called “Unwanted Secrets of Power” which is based on the concepts shared in my love-letters in a logical structure. Open the door to pre-order: open.

If you liked reading the love-letters then now you can show your support to me by pre-ordering. There will be an additional surprise for all who pre-order which will allow us to continue the journey of hunting for personal power in person ;-)

Relativity of awareness

Back to relativity… I was pondering on some cosmic topics like how space and time are expressions of inherent awareness but failed to make practical sense out of it while one friend shared an age-old expression in real estate construction - the quality of construction is directly linked to the time you have to construct and how much money you are willing to invest. You cannot change only one of those 3 parameters without affecting at least one other parameter.

Now I was curious as this gave me a very practical feeling on how to approach E=mc2 in daily life. For that, we first need to expand a bit of this equation and replace c x c with two polarities of inherent awareness: space and time. So then the equation of relativity of awareness reads:

Energy = Matter x Space x Time

Yet, this is still not practically helpful in any way, at least not for me. So I need to further translate it. Matter is the product of materialization that is the outcome of our actions on the physical plane. The actions imply purpose, which means that there are two states and the purpose of our actions is to move something from one state to another or simply from one place in space to another. From this, we conclude that Space in this equation relates to the purpose of the actions.

We would also need to look upon Time as our ability to witness the process of life around us. If we witness it clearly, meaning we are fully aware of how our perception forms at any given moment, then our actions as a response to what we perceive will be impeccable. In other words, our ability to give the most uplifting response is dependent on our ability to include both our thoughts (rational) and our feelings (irrational) in forming an action taken by us.

When we fail to be impeccable then it means that we either ignored our thoughts or in most cases our feelings while taking action. Sometimes we can even ignore both and then wonder why the quality of our life gets a whack.

Now, if our energy as vitality is the product of personal power, then we get a more practical formulation:

Vitality = Quality of actions x The purpose of actions x Including thoughts and feelings

This reads that in order to increase our personal power and energy we would need to be purposeful and impeccable with our actions.

If we rearrange and express matter = energy / (space x time) then we get that the quality of our actions is dependent on how much personal power we are willing to invest in relation to the purpose of those actions and our gap in clarity of perception. For example, if the purpose of me writing this love-letter is to only tick the box in my to-do list then I can ignore my feelings and most of my thoughts and spend very little energy in writing it and still accomplish the outcome (task done).

This also explains why meaningless tasks drain us of energy or likewise when we have an internal conflict (we feel one but think another) then we will soon be quite tired. Yet another outcome of this equation is that purpose gets lost in gross materialism and bureaucracy.

How about the famous saying of Estonian writer A.H.Tammsaare:

Work and struggle, and love will come.

Here again, Love is the quality of our actions that carry a higher purpose and this is directly dependent on the effort and personal power we are able to bring out from ourselves by being impeccable in including our thoughts and feelings.

From here it follows - If you want to find your purpose in life then you need to let go of your fixed view of the world and instead become fluid in following your feelings and dream unconditionally.

Fluid View of the world aka Unconditional dreaming (energy)

Purpose (space) = ——————————————————————————————

Fighting off inertia (matter) x Embracing Conflict (time)

Unconditional dreaming means that you let go of the wants of your self-image that it needs in order to become a more important person. This is another verbalization of walking the path with a heart.

I realize that there are many jumps as to how Conflict is related to Time or what is even meant by Fighting off inertia. Yet, these are exactly the topics that lead us to solve the mystery of life even while respecting the fact that our present human capabilities do not allow it to be fully solved.

If you do not know how to work with conflict by bringing out the new then it is exceedingly difficult to fulfill one’s purpose in life. Conflict cannot be solved by fighting until one party is cornered. All truth is relative and hence whichever way you perceive life at any moment is exactly your relative truth to that moment. Yet realize how little interest this thought is finding.

By not wanting to let go of our fixed understanding of the universe we are literally throwing out the baby with the bath water. The baby being the mystery and adventure and unlimited possibilities and the bath water being our insecurity and loss of approval from society.

This brings us to the end of this love-letter series and also a beautiful closure for 2022 which is a six-year showing us a choice to repeat our lessons or hunt for new experiences. Upcoming seven-year however can be quite disruptive depending on whether we will be listening to the guidance that our irrational nature is making available for us or not.

Take care!


This is our monthly love-letter to share our views and understanding of what is happening around us, complemented with photos by Anu Martinson. If you got interested in what is this journey, find us on social media or just click the chat button.

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