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The World Description

Love-letter from August 2022

Our team has quite a big desire to learn about the mysteries of the world and hence the need to explore all kinds of different methods and approaches. This is an excellent result that we have pulled each other together into this adventure. Each person triggers the person next to him/her to explore more and more. Since the information age has kicked in we have more opportunities and access to all kinds of information in this field than we can ever work through in one lifetime.

Every time we read (or hear) something then this is a DESCRIPTION of what the world is. Words, numbers, drawings, etc can only describe aspects of our world. As you know, description is never the Objective Reality itself. Descriptions are created by our mind and hence can only be used by the mind and are in the language of the mind. The world is much bigger than the mind is able to grasp. Nevertheless, we cannot live without the mind and also without the World Descriptions at least in our current stage of evolution.

The main description that is used today by humanity is called Social Conditioning. Dr.Rupert Sheldrake puts it into a good perspective on how science has influenced our general view of the world and how now it is changing again:

The World Description itself is not a problem but quite on the contrary - it is the main defense against unpredictable forces that permeate the whole universe. So when it gets "removed" without preparation you will either end up in a mad-house or die. What is the problem, is believing that the world IS ONLY as described - to believe that the world is only how humanity is describing it at the moment. This is the Madness of the Dream aka Maya aka mechanistic materialism.

So here we are, exploring different Descriptions and there is a lot of material available about different paths to self-discovery. What you should always watch out for is the purpose of any particular description. You need to sense why this description has been built.

While there are many reasons and motives then for simplicity we can divide them into two categories:

  1. Descriptions that are designed to lead a person to Freedom.

  2. Descriptions that do not lead to Freedom.

What is the Freedom that we are speaking about here?

This is being free from the Madness of the Dream, being free from Social Conditioning and ultimately being free from your own self-image and fixed View of the World (VOTW). Being free means having fluid perception and the ability to use any aspect of human awareness. You can then use ANY Description you wish and have the skills to use.

It is quite clear that Descriptions designed to lead a person to Freedom can only be built by people who have achieved Freedom themselves. Over the course of history, there have been many great souls who have shown us different Descriptions of our world. All major religions are based on those descriptions. Due to the nature of transmission of the knowledge, that is the information coupled with practical experience, the knowledge always translates back to information for the next person. Hence most of those ancient descriptions have been distorted and outdated as the information only travels with words and words de-fine the real experience. That is, words make any true experience less fine and in the areas where the mind has no capacity to function, words become downright mis-leading.

Descriptions function as models for our brain. Believing that the model is the actual reality results in a person being cut off from life. This is especially true with descriptions that display our world materialistically and hence even lack components that describe our connection to life and to the universe. You become soul-less, disconnected. The mechanical description also lacks purpose. If nature has no purpose then also your life cannot have any other purpose than a materialistic goal. By the way, even a purpose like having family in such a description is materialistic as humans are not anything more than just the functioning of the molecules you consist of.

All great and freedom-oriented descriptions show the universal purpose of evolving and growing. This means learning from your experiences. If you will be connected to life then surely your purpose will be linked to learning in some way as you are one unit of this magnificent masterpiece. In this context, if a description lacks the element of seeing challenges as a positive means to learning, it will lead you to a victim mindset and hence away from freedom. There is no freedom for victims.

However, if there is a connection between yourself and nature/life in general, then you are the result of something greater than your thinking. Hence your purpose also comes from that source. From this follows that any description that promises to make your life as good and happy as YOU wish has in its design cutting you off from the greater purpose. Only then it is possible to have life on your own terms.

The connection between a description of the world and the description of yourself.

Your self-image is embedded in your view of the world and as such these are not two different independent definitions. This means that if you want to have life on your own terms and conditions you need a world description that makes it possible for you.

Now, there are many self-development paths out there that allow you to perform all sorts of magic and sorcery while still having your self-image intact. This is only possible by enlarging your existing view of the world and hence we can call them World Description Extensions! You can have a materialistic world description and you can add an extension that also describes parts of the universe that are not described by a commonly shared social view of the world aka social conditioning.

For example, you can extend your world description to include invisible beings, angels, secret laws, different dimensions, etc. You might say, excellent! I can still be as I am today and I can perform mysterious acts like Harry Potter! Well, there are a series of problems if one goes down this path however tempting it might be. There is a reason why there are no shortcuts to true knowledge and freedom.

Problems of self-development shortcuts

To perform "magic" you need to keep this extended world description intact so as to "access" those described additional elements. This consumes a lot of personal power and such personal power is exhaustible, this means as you get old, you will run out of personal power, and eventually, you cannot keep up your extended world description and you will die powerless like any other average person. I am sure you can find many examples of “great” gurus becoming just ordinary frustrated old people.

By age any description kept intact will become crystallized and eventually you have no possibility to change it. Keeping your terms for life will also result in crystallizing your self-image and your view of the world. Once it has become solid then there is no way out of it unless through difficult suffering which will destroy your self-image. However by that time you do not have any more time to gather enough personal power to create a new and flexible perception and hence again the result is human wreckage.

To make one step towards power you need to make three steps to clean your personality which means that you need to start letting go of your terms for life and seek the connection with higher aspects of you and follow the lead shown through challenges. The connection with higher aspects always goes through the heart and not through the mind. That is the reason for the phrase to walk the path with the heart.

Many have interpreted that this means that if I can do what I like then it means I am listening to my heart. In reality, walking the path with the heart is difficult as the heart always leads you to learning, and learning means you are constantly meeting something which you do not yet know. Meeting the unknown is never easy. To follow the heart means to let go of deciding to act only when you like it but to act regardless of liking. Sometimes we like and sometimes we don’t but every time we act in accordance with our heart, we will rise to the challenge and come out bigger and more lively on the other end.

“You must realize that there are many paths to self-knowledge and the true ones all had heart at some point in time. All the great world religions and traditions had heart; they were imparted to humanity either by Atl or by the Guardians of the Race. The problem is the way humanity has interpreted them, and thereby distorted them to such an extent that, to all intents and purposes, they have become devoid of any meaning or heart.” Théun Mares

The Lighthouse

The only difference between a lighthouse and a candle is that the first is built from many candles - hence the Lighthouse is a group effort leading to group consciousness. Each of us is working to light and enhance our own candle by erasing descriptions that do not lead to inclusiveness. Inclusiveness is arising from the heart by walking the Path with a Heart. This is so needed in our current world crises where the social description of the world is limiting humans to use only their minds to solve world problems. Mind gives us science and technology but it is the separative quality of our awareness. Thus it leads to a more and more separative approach to life which is ever becoming more destructive.

By supporting our endeavors, you are being part of the lighthouse, a lighthouse that people around us need. I know that it is easier to believe the negative about ourselves and hence it might be difficult to see if I am working impeccably with emotions or mirrors or confronting or any other aspect in becoming a better human day by day. How can this be useful to the world around us? But it is! You are shining light and hope for your friends and families! Whether we want it or not, life puts us into service. I feel honored to be at service and for each one of you being of service by lighting your candle so that all of us grouped together can shine ever brighter as the lighthouse of Love.

Spreading the Light,



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