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Cutting off unnecessary

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

How was your summer harvest? Or you have already forgotten about it and shifted your focus to autumn busy-ness?

It was my first whole summer at the countryside home. Early in spring, I had big plans with my garden - to grow a variety of veggies and herbs. In April I prepared my greenhouse and planted there 7 tomato plants, 1 cucumber plant, and a few herbs, then I began to think about the layout of the outdoor vegetable beds. May was very active for me and I soon realized I wouldn't have enough time to plant additional vegetables. So I made a tough decision to forgo further planting and committed to nurturing my greenhouse. Oh, and I so much enjoyed my hours in the greenhouse taking care of the plants and observing them growing during summer, I was there with all my heart and it was like a deep and fulfilling meditation for me. (I even pondered whether I should consider a career as a gardener. :D) I was glad I didn't plant more vegetables, otherwise, I would have felt overwhelmed. Summer festivals and trips and sun and swimming needed enjoying too. :)

In mid-August, I was really proud of my flourishing tomato plants and their bountiful fruits, but also I was afraid that some part of that abundance wouldn’t ripen before the onset of autumn's chill. I Googled and learned that I should cut off plant tops to accelerate fruit ripening. I took scissors and.. I hesitated.. How can I cut the plant??? It’s growing so strongly and beautifully and it has so many blossoms! I answered to myself that by pruning it, the plant could put its energy into maturing sweet, juicy, and vibrant fruits for me... And I ruthlessly cut the plant. Suddenly I recalled the skill of the male polarity — containing — it’s a vital skill not to become lost in the chaos and disorder. I remembered one of our mentor’s explanation of containing as cutting off unnecessary. At that moment I completely grasped it. I literally cut off unnecessary to get my delicious fruits I had nurtured with all my heart. I saved the insight into my memory and wished that I would remember to have the awareness and courage to cut off the unnecessary from my too-busy life — whether this be a thing, a thought, a behavior, an action, or even a relationship — so that I can have more time and power to grow my life fruits with my full heart. Yours respectfully,


from .C Team

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