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Change is the new norm

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

The month of June has smoothly blended in from May and while working with imbalance we are now up against new decisions on how to steer our ship on the sea of life.

Yet another crew has graduated from our Journey of Adjustments master-class being equipped with tools with which to decrease the resistance to the evolution of awareness. Yes, resistance as when we are faced with challenges or difficulties or inconveniences in our life, then this implies that we are resisting to course correct. But course correct we have to, do we want it or not as none of us can control the world around us.

It is not difficult to see that we cannot control the world but for some reason it is much more difficult to grasp that the same applies to our view of the world. We insist that our view remains intact from day to day as this makes us feel like sane people who can act from the same values and wants. This we are used to consider as our strength but is it?

On the other hand when faced with any need for changes we are never meant to be helpless and hence there is never need to feel lost or victimized. Whatever comes our way is always a match for us in that particular time and place. Each inconvenience or challenge is surrounded by enough guidance and support to surf the waves. Few days ago I had several missed phone calls from unknown number. It turned out that I had lost my bank card which now the caller wanted to return to me. There was inconvenience and there was support, I only needed to overcome my resistance to return the call as I get many calls per day and mostly do not take unagreed calls.

What is the guidance and support we can take from world events?

Mr. Lukashenko’s ruling in Belarus is demonstrating power over approach in order to sustain his authority and old ways of leadership or should we say dictatorship. Earth is developing a fever in order to rid itself from unwanted bacteria and viruses. This has caused a lot of worry amongst democratic freedom oriented and green activists. Worrying seems justified and is considered a sign of a responsible adult. But when taking a closer look, it is simply wasting one's personal power and energy which will eventually undermine one's self-confidence. However this does not mean that we now need to swing to the opposite polarity of disinterest and aloofness.

When facing a need to change our ways we can spend our energy on worrying or on ignorance but in both cases we are resisting to change. Resistance is a natural companion to all forms as the aim of any form is to keep its shape. In that sense our view of the world and our self image are also forms created by our mind and they also naturally resist changes. Furthermore resistance is directly linked to being rigid and tense which is registered in the human organism as stress. Passive coping with stress leads to apathy and inaction while active coping makes you pushy and forceful like Belarus authorities.

The support comes from Elizabeth with the hint to enjoy the journey. And indeed you can see this happening already in many countries where the covid restrictions have been lifted. World economy is picking up and even booming in many countries. Suppressed consumption is surging up and taking with it also the prices for many categories like electronics and construction materials. People buying real estate and investing in stocks, not to mention rollercoasters in cryptocurrencies. So yes, we are enjoying the ride, even euphorically. But is this the guidance universe is pointing out to us or are we miss-taking it? If we feel that there is more money at hand than ever before then there is an alternative scenario to being rich and this alternative is simply printing more money than ever before.

So what is the message our governments are supporting us to grasp? Money is a crystallized form of power resulting from our knowledge of hunting in the material sense of the word. Then printing more money means simply diluting our outer manifestation of personal power. By being more relaxed as opposed to being stressed cannot be based on giving up one’s personal power nor energy.

What then does “relaxing” mean in this context?

If you want certain things to go the way you have anticipated but they are not going so, this tenses the invisible line between the expected outcome and currently manifesting outcome. This of course can only happen if you keep the tension, meaning if you still keep expecting the old, the way you wanted it in the first place. If you relax, that is, you relax the tension then this means letting go of the expectations. In other words you will become less goal oriented and instead relax into the journey towards the goal.

This sounds simple enough - relax and give up the expectations - but this appears quite a challenge in many cases. Why is letting go of expectations so difficult? In many cases we want to be right and we are quite confident that our way of approaching the matter at hand is the right one. So why would we let go of the best way and accept something that is less? Wanting to be right has two aspects. Firstly we want to have value and if I am wrong then also my value is less. Secondly we do not see any other better option.

The first is a sign of putting power outside of us, into the solutions we are able to provide. If we provide good solutions then we are a valuable asset to others and if our solutions always tend to be unwanted or wrong in some way then you feel less than.

The second is tied to another well known phenomena from geometry and this is called local maximum. The best option we can see is indeed the best option from the exact point we are looking at it. This means that all best options are always linked to the particular perception.

From different perspectives aka perception we can always find new best options. The universe is not absolute but always relative, relative to the state of awareness perceiving it.

Does this make goals obsolete?

Definitely not. Goals are a version of expectation as we expect to reach them. We need goals because they give our journey a direction, they allow us to exercise our perception muscles and bring out our hidden potential. We also need planning as the age old saying says: when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. What we do not need is getting fixated on the outcome, on failure or on success, as this only increases our resistance to changes needed towards the goals set by both parts of ourselves - the big self and the little self - a topic for another writing. If you dream big, do the planning and be relaxed in terms of outcome and hence ready to meet the unexpected, the extraordinary can then be part of your sailing experience. This is the way of the Peaceful Warrior.

Guiding yourself through the questions:

  1. What is not going in your life the way you would like it to?

  2. Do you register any resistance either in the form of passive or active stress?

  3. Can you identify the old ways of doing things (habits, expectations, “norms”)?

  4. Can you feel the new that wants to come to your life instead?

  5. What do you need to change so that you can relax into the process?

You can answer those questions for yourself or share them with us by replying to this email. Thank you FP and AL for sharing your response to imbalance! One step at a time we make our inner world a better place :-)

At this point one of the builders of my countryside house called and shared that they cannot come to my construction site for the next two weeks. Hm, a challenge for me? Bon voyage!




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