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Accountability Group participants finished their 8-week commitment

It is easy to start a new habit but the difficult part is keeping the habit. It is much easier to keep it if you are held accountable for your commitment.

We just finished our 8-week Accountability Group with 14 participants and the results make us very proud!

Accountability Group is for individuals who would like to pick up a new habit or change something in their lives. The big group was divided into smaller ones with 3-4 participants in the group and they had weekly calls to see how everyone had been doing and of course - to keep each other accountable.

The commitments were all very different and this is great because everybody picked a commitment they felt they needed the most to improve themselves and their life quality. Or just something that had been on the to-do list forever and this seemed like a great opportunity to tackle it. For example, one participant wanted to quit napping during the daytime because this did not let her have a good quality sleep in the night. But if something has been part of your daily routine for ages it is difficult to change it. Just like for example being addicted to nicotine, which is also one of the habits a participant changed during the Accountability Group. So, a commitment can even be something you are planning not to do.

Or something you want to do - like writing a blog post every week or learning French for 15 minutes every day. Practical skills are a great way to train your willpower and the more you train it, the better you become at leading your life where you want it to go.

Some participants wanted to take this 8 week period to look into themselves and work with their emotions or communication skills. One participant wanted to focus on learning to forgive and created a daily task for himself - every evening to think about situations that triggered him in some way and to forgive the people and himself. Those small steps help people to make bigger changes in their behavioral patterns and support the person in becoming the best version of him/herself.

Irina, one of the participants, shared her thoughts: “I enjoyed participating in the Accountability Group for several reasons: the people, the vibe, and the results I got. It's a perfect place to start a change in yourself you have been wanting to. I've managed to break some unwanted habits I had for years in 8 weeks and it's a big accomplishment for me.”

The next Accountability Group starts on the 13th of June and lasts for 8 weeks. The participants are guided through questionnaires and supported by the team. The challenge to hack or habit to learn can be anything you see brings the most value to yourself - would it be to eat healthy foods, express your anger or stop biting your nails - this is the right place to start.

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