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Change comes with resistance

In our previous article on the topic of self-love, I shared about close relationships, love between people, and love for self. This time our topic is CHANGE. And I am in awe of how my world is at a high speed of change. I will share a personal experience that led me to a new level of respect for myself.

Change comes with resistance - we resist changing our view of the world to choose new ways. Letting go of the old, not knowing what's to come, can be scary. When facing a need to change our ways, we can expend our energy on worrying or on ignorance, but in both cases, we are resisting change. Resistance is a natural companion of all forms, as the aim of any form is to keep its shape. 

The Universe decided that I was ready to face my biggest challenge that has recurred in all of my romantic relationships - betrayal and rejection. I had not respected my boundaries nor values for a period of time as my fear of being alone led me to live with a behavior below my standards. My partner's actions woke me up with a pain that hit the core. At the time I was attending Masterclass Threshold to Excellence. That was when I made the powerful decision - to leave the behavior that did not serve me any longer. Along with that behavior the person left and our relationship collapsed. I feel deep gratitude to the group of the Masterclass. I doubt I would have had the courage to go through with it alone. I made the call to my soon-to-be ex right there and then and asked him to move out immediately.

During the next week I could not eat, sleep, or function as usual. I went through a powerful process of change. As the weight of my decision became heavy, I went back to the place where I made the decision to change. I traveled back 10-20 times a day - re-membering why I left and then it felt light and right again. Just as the day I decided to change my relationship with myself not accept being a doormat.

My change was so powerful that it led my partner to get a wake-up call and make big changes in his life and behavior towards himself. Now we have decided to get married. It has not been an easy process and it has many learnings that I can share in the next articles.  Most times to really succeed and pick the juiciest fruits you have to un-succeed first. 

With Love,


with .C Team

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