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Self-love is the new love language

In life, there is only one commitment - that is the commitment to SELF. There is just one heart to truly commit to - one's own heart.

To commit to oneself means to love oneself enough to change. If you want to be happy, then it is up to you to make yourself happy. People often desire others to make adjustments to soothe their inner tension and avoid pushing each other's buttons. How about starting to work on your-self to discover what makes your heart sing and what gives you wings to fly. Specifically, what and not who, as we are chasing a feeling, not a person. You do not want your well-being to depend on anyone outside of you, as that would mean giving your power away to be managed by someone else.

Today, I feel like a different woman than I was in my previous close, committed relationships. My current relationship has had its ups and downs, as is any normal circle of life. I am grateful for all the difficult times as much as the happy ones. Every conflict, tension, and disagreement made me look at MY-SELF, learn, develop different aspects within me, and drop unnecessary behaviors to enjoy the flow of life and our relationship.

At first, I fell in love, but falling implies stumbling down and hitting the floor. Once I started seeing and learning about my-self within our relationship, I began to rise in love. I love my partner, but I love my-self more. Loving my-self means putting myself first. It has created a ripple effect around me, and today I see that my life has changed for the better. One thing our relationship has taught me is patience and the necessity of giving and taking space for self-love.

I have a little exercise that I created during the Masterclass Relationship with Self. You know those heartwarming, sometimes heartbreaking love songs that we often listen to while thinking about that significant other. Try singing them to yourself. Experience how it feels to long for your-self, to walk a thousand miles for your-self, to move mountains and cross oceans for your-self. See how the perspective changes and the power of self-love grows instantly, perhaps even enough to inspire change. With Love,


with .C Team

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